Petrics and 5Strands Partner Together to Solve Everyday Pet Issues with New Pet Technology

We live in a fast paced society and most of today’s pet owners are busy professionals who don’t have time to research nutritional data and customize a diet plan for their pet. Recently announced Petrics, Inc., a pet health technology company, has partnered with 5Strands Affordable Testing to allow pet parents to easily determine what foods and treats are best suited for their individual pet and get food recommendations. The combination of the two companies resulted in a groundbreaking system that utilizes the food intolerance testing results to filter through pet food ingredients in the Petrics app and provides a recommended food that is appropriate for your pet.

Petrics specializes in using data science in veterinary medicine and nutrition to help pet owners and pet care professionals find optimal wellness and nutrition plans for their pets. 5Strands Affordable Testing’s lab can test for intolerances to over 1200 food items using bio-resonance technology. The Petrics app can help pet parents and pet professionals make the necessary changes to improve adverse symptoms such as diarrhea, constipation, pain, inflammation or skin issues.

The Petrics Health and Nutrition App Features Include:

  • Personalize Diet & Nutrition
    • The companies have validated thousands of pet foods and pet treats in their database and are able to present food and treat options matched to your pet’s personal preferences.
  • Know the Ingredients
    • Their team of pet health professionals have analyzed thousands of pet food and treat recipes. The app is able to help you find and filter foods based on ingredients.
  • Pet Intolerance Testing
    • The new 5Strands® Affordable Pet Plus Test is a non-invasive way of testing your pet for sensitivities to 1200+ ingredients.
  • Your Pets in One Place
    • Store important information about your pet, including medication and vaccination records, photos, emergency contacts, microchip ID, and so much more.
  • Health Conditions Impact Diet
    • Their pet food and treat recommendations consider each breed’s genetic risks, your pet’s pre-existing medical conditions, and other characteristics.
  • Schedule Reminders
    • The apps scheduler feature allows you to set alerts for your next vet appointment, when to administer medications, flea and tick prevention, play dates and so much more.
  • Access to Recall Alerts
    • Stay safe with up-to-date access to the FDA pet food recall list

The Petrics Health and Nutrition App works with both IOS and Android platforms and is available for download in the App store and Google Play. For more information visit or simply select your download option at For more information about 5Strands Affordable Pet testing please visit:


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