Pet Technology and Gift Guide of 2017

During the Holidays and New Year, most pet owners may have to travel whether it’s local or out of state or may have to work during the holiday. I know personally it breaks my heart leaving my puppy at home throughout all the holiday events and travel. New technology is helping loving pet owners keep in contact or keep their pets entertained while not at home. New technology is also helping pet owners track their pets health and location, which is also key especially for older dogs. We decided to compile a list of some of the newest pet technology and tech toys to help you all throughout the holidays and throughout the New Year.

There are several different types of tracking devices for pets that all have different features. The below are some great technology trackers for your pet.

Aribelly PET GPS Tracker Mini

The Aribelly PET GPS Tracker Mini is a smaller size and is designed to fit comfortably on your pet. It is made to fit on your pets collar or the included collar.  The Aribelly PET GPS Tracker Mini’s real-time location and HD street view capabilities gives pet owners peace of mind even when their pet becomes missing. The key features for the Aribelly PET GPS Tracker Mini include:

  • Accurate positioning with position error of no more than approximately 16.5 feet
  • Smart LED light that can be set to turn on with a smartphone app
  • HD Street View – See the street around the position of the tracker via the app
  • Get your pet’s real-time location via SMS, mobile app, or web-based platform
  • Set a geofence and receive alerts when your pet moves beyond it

It is currently $39.99 and can be purchased on Amazon by clicking here.

Dogtra iQ Pet by StarWalk Dog Activity Tracker

The StarWalk Dog Activity Tracker by Dogtra iQPet is a small Fitbit-like gadget that attaches to your dog’s collar.  Pet owners can get data like the temperature of body temperature and how many hours their dog was most active in a day. Below are the key features of the StarWalk Dog Activity Tracker by Dogtra iQPet

  • Customizable led light colors (6 colors)
  • Smart lights for activity, alerts, and goal tracking
  • Programmable reminder notification under my dog alerts
  • IPX7 Waterproof
  • Customizable LED lights
  • Bluetooth 4.0 compatibility to any Apple or Android device
  • Set up alerts and alarms for vet appointments or medications
  • Keeps track of: total steps, calories burned, active time, activity type, distance traveled and temperature

The StarWalk Dog Activity Tracker by Dogtra iQPet is $49.00 and to buy the StarWalk Dog Activity Tracker, click here.

WonderWoof Bow Tie – The Stylish Activity Tracker

The WonderWoof Bow Tie Activity Tracker is a connected Bluetooth bow tie device that attaches to your dogs collar and tracks all of their activity. The WonderWoof Bow Tie Activity Tracker allows owners to check their pet’s progress with daily recommended activity targets based on size, breed and age. Owners can also map their walks, set care reminders, add caretakers, and connect with dog owners in your area via the free app! Below are more of the WonderWoof Bow Tie Activity Tracker features:

  • Built-in rechargeable Lithium-Ion Polymer
  • Battery life: 7 Days
  • The free WonderWoof app is compatible with Apple iOS 7.0 and higher and Android 4.3 and higher
  • IPX7 Water Resistant – immersion for 30 minutes at a depth of 1 meter.
  • Comes in a variety of different colors.

The WonderWoof Bow Tie Activity Tracker is currently $45.00 and can be purchased here:

Interactive pet toys industry has been a growing quick with new technology and this year is no exception. There are some great technology enhanced pet toys using lasers and interactive games for pet owners to check out. Below are three that we believe are great options in different price points.

FroliCat Laser and Interactive Pet Toys

FroliCat Laser and Interactive Pet Toys has a variety of laser pet toys for cats to choose from but the FroliCat Pounce Automatic Cat Teaser and the PetSafe Bolt Cat Toy are two of the best cat toys they have on the market at a reasonable price.

The FroliCat Pounce Automatic Cat Teaser is an automatic, rotating, hide-and-seek cat toy. The electronic mouse zips around the circular path, zooming forward, reversing direction, hiding under obstacles, and occasionally twitching back and forth. Below are more features of the toy:

  • Marshal Maus™  moves the electronic mouse forward, backward and twitches enticingly
  • Four variable seed settings
  • Requires 3 AA batteries (not included)
  • For all cats of all ages

The PetSafe Bolt Cat Toy allow cats to play and chase the random pattern of the laser. The laser pattern is completely random and adjustable with the manual adjustment slide on top of the toy. Below are more features about the PetSafe Bolt Cat Toy:

  • A manual mode allows pet parents to play with their cats directly, while automatic mode allows them to encourage their cats to play on their own
  • Turn the toy on, set it down on the floor and walk away. The Bolt will automatically shut off in 15 minutes
  • 4 AA batteries, not included
  • Class IIIa laser product, 5mW max power output

The FroliCat Pounce Automatic Cat Teaser $29.95 is currently and the PetSafe Bolt Cat Toy is $49.95. They can both be purchased on Amazon along with other FroliCat Laser and Interactive Cat Toys by clicking here.


Petcube Play allows owners to see, talk to, play and exercise their pets. Below are the key features per Petcube’s site:

  • See in clear 1080p HD video and zoom in for a close-up with 4x digital zoom. Check in on your pets in low-light or no-light conditions with night vision.
  • Play with your pet using the laser toy, and turn on autoplay mode to keep your pet entertained when you’re too busy.
  • With a redesigned Wi-Fi antenna and bluetooth setup, Petcube Play is optimized for seamless connectivity.
  • Your pet can get in touch with you. Get notified with sound and motion alerts.
  • Chat and listen using 2-way audio.
  • Requires free Petcube Mobile App

It is currently on sale for half the price at $99.00 on their site located here:

GoDogGo World’s First Fetch Machine

GoDogGo is the World’s First Fetch Machine & Original automatic dog ball thrower designed for dogs. It has so many options and features the list extends longer than below but here are the key features.

  • 3 Time Settings and 3 Distance Settings
  • Remote Control to set time or launch ball at will as desired
  • Wide Mouth Ergo Bucket for easy dog ball return
  • Safety Arc launches balls away from dog to keep your petsafe during automatic ball launcher play
  • Auto Stop Feature for on demand play; will not run unless ball is loaded
  • Operates on AC Adapter or Battery Power; adapter included
  • Ball Track System for use with 1 to 25 balls depending on ball size.

It is currently priced at $169.00 and can be purchased here:

A good pet feeder is key during the holidays and for the New Year if you travel or constantly busy. The Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder 2018 Model for iOS/Android Apps is one of the newest pet feeders.

The Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder comes with a webcam and by using the new app pet owners can schedule feedings and view their pet. It is also one of the few pet feeders on the market that is for Wet, Dry Food, Treats and Medication. The Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder is great mid-range feeder on market as well. Below are the new features of the Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder 2018 model:

  • The Only Smart Pet Feeder For Wet/Dry Food, Treats and Medication, Measures 18L x 16W x 3H (Inches). Note: We Don’t Recommend Leaving Wet Food In For Longer Than 24 hrs
  • Connects By Wi-Fi To Your Home Network In Under One Minute
  • New iOS and Android Apps For You To Schedule Feeds and View The Webcam. Control Multiple Feed and Go’s From One Profile
  • Built In Webcam So You Can See Your Pet From Any Smartphone Inc iOS, Android and Windows
  • Each Compartment (There’s 6) Holds Up To An 8oz Cup Size, You Decide How Much To Feed. Use Wet Or Dry Food, Medication Or Even Treats

The Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder is currently $149.00 and can be purchased on Amazon by clicking here.

The newest self-cleaning litter box was just launched this month. Introducing the Litter-Robot III Open Air Self-Cleaning Litter Box with the Connect App.

The Litter-Robot III Open Air with Connect is a self-cleaning litter box for cats that is now WiFi-enabled. The all new Connect app gives you additional freedom from your litter box duties by allowing you to remotely monitor and control a single Litter-Robot or multiple units.

Use the app to:

  • View the waste drawer level: A proprietary machine learning algorithm refines estimates over time.
  • Get real-time status updates: Turn on push notifications to know when your Litter-Robot needs your attention.
  • Get usage stats: Get insights into your cat’s health and identify when something might be wrong.
  • Manage settings: Customize features like wait time, night light, sleep mode, and more.
  • Connect multiple units: Onboard and name multiple WiFi-enabled Litter-Robot units all in one app.

The Litter-Robot III Open-Air with Connect is compatible with Apple mobile devices with iOS 9.0 or greater. It’s currently $499.00 and can be purchased on their site located here:

We hope this helps you all during your hunt to find your pet whatever needs it may need during the holidays and throughout 2018!


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