The Awakened Foundation Brings the DEGROWTH FEST to The Blackland Ranch In Texas

With 5 plastic islands in our oceans, cutting down of trees and vegetation daily there are dangers that the earth faces that affects our quality of life. Did you know nearly 4 billion trees or 35 percent of the total trees cut around the world are used in paper industries on every continent? 

The Awakened Foundation’s mission is to invest in urban communities and to empower people to have more fullfilling and environmentally conscious lives. The Awakened Foundation’s launch of the “WAKE UP” (WE ADVANCE & KEEP EDUCATING URBAN PEOPLE) TOUR will be bringing the DEGROWTH FEST to The Black Land Ranch in Commerce, Texas.

The DEGROWTH FEST (THE AWAKENING) will take place on June 20 through the 23rd, 2019 on 88 acres of land at the Black Land Ranch. The DEGROWTH FEST’s goal is to reach the masses with the message of UNITY and HOPE for a more sustainable and just society through the power of music, art, fashion, and consciously-aware artists. The DEGROWTH FEST will be a zero waste zone, welcome to all & accessible to everyone!

The DEGROWTH FEST (THE AWAKENING) will have performances by some of the top consciously aware artist in the world. As stated above, the event will be zero waste but also the FEST will not have a single use of plastics at the event. All patrons will be gifted Hemp shopping bags and bamboo utensil sets upon entry. There will be a Camping Village, Healing Gardens, an open Market Place, workshops, business center, Wisdom Halls, Artist Arena and more.

Tickets for the DEGROWTH FEST (THE AWAKENING) start at $25.00 and can be purchased here: The Black Land Ranch is located at 445 W Farm Rd 71, Commerce, TX 75428, USA.

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