Opter Pose: The Posture Correcting Wearable Device

Posture is definitely something that you need to pay attention to, especially for those of us who have desks jobs or work from a home office.

Per Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Statistics on average, 95% of an office workers’ day is spent sitting in front of the computer. Musculoskeletal injuries resulting from poor workplace ergonomics (i.e.: bad posture) account for 34% of all lost workday injuries and illnesses. Office ergonomics done right can increase productivity on average by 11%.

Posture also effects the way people view you in the business world and also in your personal life. First impressions do make a difference in both aspects of life and slouching doesn’t make you look confident or assertive.

There have been other posture-correcting devices on the market but Opter Pose is said to be the newest wearable technology to remind users when they are slouching or to stand tall by a gentle vibrating reminder. It has a sleek design made of bamboo that comes in a clip or necklace. Opter Pose is not out on the market yet and launches on Indiegogo October 3rd. Below is their official press release with full product details about the Opter Pose.

Opter Pose Official Press Release:

Opter launches on Indiegogo Oct. 3, consumers looking for a more functional wearable will finally have a fashionable alternative to the basic plastic wristband: Opter Pose, which Forbes calls “the new must-have in wearable tech”. Pose is a designer unisex necklace and clip that vibrates gently if you’re slouching to remind you to be confident and stand tall. Unlike other posture-correcting devices, Pose has a 7+ day battery life and boasts a host of other features which can be accessed through its companion smartphone app. UV sensing allows it to monitor time spent in the sun and blue light sensing allows it to recommend different light levels for optimal productivity and sleep. In addition to basic fitness tracking with steps, exercise, and sleep, Pose helps reduce sedentary time by intelligently reminding you to move if you’ve been still for too long.

Opter Pose is as thin as the latest iPhone and smaller than a thumb, and the pendant can be worn with any chain. This limited-edition design is made sustainably from bamboo, making it beautiful, sturdy, and lightweight. After being developed for 1.5 years, Pose is now ready for manufacture. On October 3rd at 11am PST, it will be available through Indiegogo for $99, more than 20% off retail price. Anyone on the Opter email list before launch will receive an additional 10% off.

“As a company, we believe technology is capable of so much more than what is available now. Steps and heart-rate are a great start, but health is the sum of hundreds of everyday actions. How do we optimize these everyday actions to live our dream lives? That’s the problem Opter is working to solve.” says CEO Chalisa Prarasri. “Right now we’re small and don’t have the funds to manufacture Pose on our own, so we’re turning to our customers to help us fund our first production run.”

Opter CEO Chalisa Prarasri helped found Opter back in 2015 immediately after graduating from UCLA with a degree in neuroscience. In college, personal health issues led her to reassess her lifestyle and delve into health science. She quickly learned that health is extremely holistic – every action we take each day makes a difference. As she turned her life around, she bought fitness trackers and wearables but found them extremely limited. She started Opter with the goal of building holistic and empathetic technology that seamlessly integrates with our lives and solves the health challenges we face every day.

“I was trying to optimize my health to prevent myself from going into remission, and after learning about all the different things that affect health — things as simple as what time you turn off the lights — I was overwhelmed. I found that I had to choose between obsessing about health or living my life — there wasn’t enough time for both. Opter is designed to give you a hand with that.”

Pose is the first product of what Opter hopes will be an ecosystem of health tracking devices that each target a different aspect of health; for example, hydration and nutrition. For now, the team is focusing on Pose and its upcoming launch.

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