OOF WEAR Debuts Fall/Winter 2021-22 Collection and “Winter Games” Fashion Film at Milan Fashion Week

This week during Milan Fashion Week, OOF WEAR, a brand of reversible multicolour jackets for both men and women, debut their much-anticipated Fashion Week 2021 Collection and their “Winter Games” Fashion Film.  With the backdrop of the beautiful Lake Misurina in the Dolomites and the occasion of the winter games Cortina 21, the Fall/Winter 21-22 collection and “OOF WEAR Winter Games” is inspired by colour and energy in which references to the world of athleisure find a natural and relevant home.

The short auteur film directed by Andrea Calvetti kicks off with quirky host stating, “Welcome to OOF Winter Games, let’s introduce today’s competing teams!” and proceeds to present “the teams” taking part.

The “OOF WEAR Winter Game” teams include six different disciplines, three athletes per team and a single common denominator: the identifying and creative impact of the clothes they wear. And these are the garments designed by the brand, timeless classics subject to an ongoing and dynamic evolution that accepts no compromise.        

New outlines, contrasting materials, a quest for original colours and shapes: the creative language of OOF WEAR allows every garment to adapt to the story of its wearer, shifting the focus yet retaining exactly the same excellence and openness to new ideas.

Like the oversize cropped down jacket with 100% recycled REPREVE padding, a veritable must-have item worn by the female athletes of the ski teams, whose explosion of color draws attention to the brand’s sustainability

Also presented, the printed eco-fur with a woke fashion soul, proudly displayed by the female skaters, not forgetting the reversible eco-sheepskins warming the girls on snowshoes, with their carefully-positioned eco-leather panels, and the spangled bomber jackets, a stylish flag for the coolest-ever cheerleaders.

It’s a parade of seasonal garments starring in colourful frames, and of style wins which will soon descend from the snowy heights to invade the cities.

To shop OOF WEAR please visit: https://www.oofwear.com/us/en/. To learn more about Milan Fashion Week please visit: https://milanofashionweek.cameramoda.it/.


OOF WEAR is developed and distributed on the international market by Italian company NYKY, founded in Treviso in 2008, thanks to the passion and experience gained in the fashion industry by Michela and Alessandro Biasotto. The same year, the first own brand was founded: Momonì. At first, the brand was exclusively lingerie, but later, meeting with great public acclaim, it became a complete collection with a sophisticated aesthetic, expressing an unprecedented combination of comfort and class and leading to a new dimension of modern and contemporary luxury.

In 2010, the company launched its second women’s brand: Attic and Barn. In 2016, NYKY launched its third own brand: OOF WEAR, an innovative brand of reversible multicolour jackets for both men and women. In 2018, OOF WEAR opened its online store: www.oofwear.com.


Source: OOF WEAR