Neutrogena Launches “A Look Behind the Bar” Facebook Group For a Beta Study of the New MaskiD

This week, Neutrogena®, the infamous American skincare brand, announced the release of Neutrogena MaskiD™, the world’s first micro-3D-printed sheet mask powered by user data. As of this week, consumers are invited to join the A Look Behind The Bar™ Facebook group where for a limited time, members will be able to participate in a beta study where they can try Neutrogena MaskiD™ and take part in shaping the future of skincare personalization.

A Look Behind The Bar™ is an exclusive incubator and community of skin-obsessed peers who connect, collaborate and help develop new Neutrogena® skincare products. Members will also have access to Neutrogena® experts, get a first look at new products and have the power to shape the future of skincare innovation.

The Neutrogena MaskiD™ ingredients, chosen based on information about each user’s unique skin needs and infused into the six zones of the mask (forehead, eye orbital, nose, cheeks, chin and nasolabial folds), include:

  • Purified hyaluronic acid helps improve skin’s moisture barrier, resulting in smooth, hydrated skin.
  • Vitamin B3 helps improve skin’s appearance of discoloration, dull skin and helps to visibly reduce the look of dark spots.
  • Feverfew delivers high antioxidant benefits to help reduce the appearance of facial redness.
  • Neoglucosamine® helps exfoliate the skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines.
  • Blackberry Complex helps smooth wrinkles, reduce the visible effect of collagen loss and strengthen skin’s moisture barrier.

Those Who Join A Look Behind The Bar™ will be among the first to sign up to test Neutrogena MaskiD™:

A personalized sheet mask that works in three ways:

  • First with the shape of the mask itself. Using a smartphone 3D camera, the user simply snaps a 180 degree selfie to create a precise, multi-dimensional map of their face and the exact measurements and shape of their nose, space between the eyes, lips, and other unique physical characteristics for a perfectly fitting mask.
  • Next, personalized data from the Neutrogena Skin360® system processes over 100,000
    skin pixels to analyze the skin’s needs, making a recommendation for what ingredients will be most beneficial and where.
  • Finally, using a proprietary 3D printing process, high-efficacy ingredients are printed onto the custom-fit hydrogel mask on the exact zones of the mask where they will deliver the greatest benefit for that individual.

How to be a part of the Neutrogena MaskiD™ Beta Study:

  • Starting on March 8, for six weeks, members of A Look Behind the Bar™ will receive guidance from the group moderator on how to request to join the Neutrogena MaskiD™ Beta Study. Space is limited and each week 100 passcodes will be given out. Don’t get discouraged – If you are unable to get a passcode, please try again the following Monday. Passcodes are first come, first serve and submitting a request does not guarantee your participation in the study.
  • If selected, members will receive a passcode from the A Look Behind the Bar™ group moderator through DM with instructions on how Download the Neutrogena Skin360® app for a chance to enter the beta study.
  • The Neutrogena Skin360® app, an iPhone® X or newer, and a US address is required to take part in the Neutrogena MaskiD™ Beta Study.

To sign up for the A Look Behind the Bar Facebook group please visit:

About Neutrogena MaskiD™
The new Neutrogena MaskiD™ is the world’s first micro-3D-printed sheet mask powered by user data that is delivered right to your door.  Neutrogena MaskiD™ includes a translucent, flexible layer that conforms to every contour of the face. The hydrogel mask, created from cellulose sourced from locust beans and red seaweed, is custom-3D-printed with a unique combination of five powerhouse ingredients from the Neutrogena® library of clinically-tested skincare solutions.

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Source: Neutrogena