Malaika New York  Announced as the October Designer for Pildora’s Designer Spotlight Series

Sustainable and green products industry is growing as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch in the Pacific oceans continues to expand. Fortunately we have brands that are working to help save the earth by making sustainable products and the Malaika New York luxury fashion brand is one of them. Recently, Malaika New York was announced as the October designer for Pildora‘s: Designer Spotlight Series.

Malaika New York

Malaika New York is an NY based zero waste luxury brand that’s turning fishing nets into fashionable clothing and trash into stylish jewelry pieces. A study published in Scientific Reportsfound that fishing nets account for 46 percent of the trash in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Clearly, Malaika New York is on to something recycling fishing nets for fashion pieces.

The Malaika New York luxury brand aims to eliminate environmental detriments by utilizing minimal or zero waste patterns while maximizing wearability. They produce a luxe-quality, contemporary line that remains in style now and in the future. For each item sold, a tree is planted for The Canopy Project. MALAIKA furthers sustainability efforts by integrating up-cycled materials like plastics and regenerated fabrics.


Pildora is the fashion world’s first global events and production startup dedicated entirely to sustainability.

Every month leading up to New York Fashion Week in February, Pildora will honor one up-and-coming fashion designer who is dedicated to sustainability and eco-friendliness in their series. They will be announced and honored on Pildora‘s digital channels, leading up to Pildora’s #Fashionability event at Fashion Week.

Pildora #Fashionability Designer Spotlight Series

#Fashionability launched its Designer Spotlight Series to honor up and coming designers, while also shedding light on sustainability in fashion. Designers interested in the #Fashionability: Designer Spotlight Series can submit themselves at If selected, the designer will be contacted by Pildora’s team, and featured on the company’s website and social platforms, with a chance to be honored during the #Fashionability event in February. For additional information, official rules, and to submit a designer, please visit:

For more information on Pildora, visit: For more information about Malaika New York please visit:


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