Lazoschmidl Spring/Summer 2021 “MARGARITA” Collection

The Lazoschmidl Spring/Summer 2021 Margarita collection was written as a romantic B-movie based on the story of two heroines on a road trip exploring love and independence in 1989. During Paris Menswear Week, the “Fresh from Paris #PoolParty” collection featured an eclectic mix of colors and materials dressing the complete cast of a never-to-be-produced movie. Following the couple’s stops traveling Utopia, settings range from cheap hotel pools to fast-food restaurants and Karaoke bars.

With fabrics made of recycled PET bottles, a majority of outfits are tailored in swimwear allowing their future wearer to jump into the pool fully dressed.

Cow-print ensembles, retro stripes and lurex glitter biker shorts underline the overall nostalgic vibe – while hand-dyed denim, sheer organza shirts and sequin applications add a touch of indulgence. Within the collection you will also see the return of the iconic Lazoschmidl butterfly.

Spring/Summer 2021 continues the jewelry collaboration with Saskia Diez presenting cockring necklaces in rare crystals and stones – hand-carved and polished in a family-run stonecutters workshop in a small German town.

Like previous collections, almost every garment has been hand-sown in the Stockholm atelier, further manifesting the idea of in-house craftsmanship and artisanal production – and proving that independent brands like Lazoschmidl can fully realize their vision based on the marriage of two creative minds.


  • Photographer: Florian Dezfoulian
  • Film: Johan von Reybekiel
  • Styling: Emma Thorstrand
  • Music: Carl Hjelm

Special Thanks

Stefanie Ravelli, Emma Harling, Mathias Fältmarsch, Fredrick Hedenros, Christoffer Sundqvist, Hendrik Schmandt, Marju Letho, Staffan Sigvard


Based in Germany and Sweden, Lazoschmidl works as an artist’s studio that unites the disciplines of fashion design and literature. Awarded with the Innovation Prize 2016 by Swedish Fashion Council, their work has been featured in leading international magazines such as Man About Town, HERO Magazine, Buffalo Zine and L’Officiel Hommes.

The work of Lazoschmidl is based on social norms. The garments evoke schizophrenic feelings within the audience: something that feels attractive but forbidden without being harmful or surreal. It is the reassurance of daring to dress-up and feeling sexy as a relevant human condition. The constant dialogue between fashion design and literature is translated into hand-crafted garments in their work.

Each collection begins with a text that describes every single look meticulously. By working from a conceptual thought, limitations about execution, context or functionality are irrelevant. The fictional is then translated into garments.

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Source: Totem Fashion, LAZOSCHMIDL