Lexus and TED Fellows Program Partner to Create New Designs for the Autonomous Vehicle Of The Future

Autonomous vehicles seem to be the wave of the future and with companies like Tesla developing new designs Lexus decided it was time to enter the autonomous market. Announced today, Lexus has partnered with the TED Fellows program, a global multidisciplinary group of thought leaders, to develop new designs for autonomous vehicles that prioritize people over technology. 

Greg Gage and artist Sarah Sandman, TED Senior Fellows neuroscientist, debuted their designs for human-centric autonomous vehicles in an exclusive virtual event today, and two short films spotlighting their ideas are live now: 

Predicting Human Needs with Neuroscientist Greg Gage

Building Community with Artist Sarah Sandman

“Focusing on what makes people tick, especially when behind the wheel, has always been central to Lexus design,” said Lisa Materazzo, vice president of Lexus marketing. “Partnering with TED has allowed us to explore new human-centric ideas for an autonomous future with visionary experts in their fields.”

As a neuroscientist and engineer, TED Senior Fellow Greg Gage believes autonomous vehicles and long commutes make for the perfect environment for neurotechnology to create a “brain-car” interface that allows the automobile to be integrated directly into how the driver feels. By recording a range of human signals, from human EKG to face microgestures, Gage envisions that Lexus could create a profile of a person’s mood and use it to change the ambience of the car.

  • Sleepy? The car will change the lights and seating position.
  • Relaxed? The car will cue up a chill playlist.
  • Stressed? The radio is silenced and lights up.

The idea is if current cars can monitor engine temperature, oil pressure and engine speed, then a human-inspired car could monitor the human and respond accordingly.

As an artist and designer, TED Senior Fellow Sarah Sandman foresees a future where people are even more buried in their digital devices, and the simple gesture of waving to a pedestrian is lost. With community in mind, Sandman has envisioned a vehicle that connects the inside to the outside world with 360-windows, fully rotational seats, a speaker system for interaction with cyclists or pedestrians, and even a chalk-writing system to leave custom art or messages in the street.

To increase quality time with passengers, the interior would mimic a cozy cafe with a digital fireplace, pillows and a terrarium-like ceiling. Sandman also proposes a cooperative ownership model that increases affordability and makes for a more inclusive, meaningful future.

“TED Fellows program supports a community of 492 Fellows from 99 countries in every discipline—from design and activism to astrophysics and neuroscience—working to create a positive impact in their communities. TED’s partnership with Lexus highlights the essence of what the TED Fellows program stands for—curiosity, new ideas and building a world together that we all want to live in,” said Shoham Arad, Director of the TED Fellows program.

“We are excited to see the imaginative work of TED Fellows come to life through this TED + Lexus virtual conversation, fun discovery session and spotlight films. What does the future of human-centered design look like? Even in an autonomous universe? Watch to find out,” Arad continued.

Following the discussion with Gage and Sandman,  musician and filmmaker Blitz led a discovery session during which he invited attendees to source  sounds from within their own homes to create a unique and inspired melody/beat.

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Source: Lexus, TED