Lesunja Showcases Zodiac Collection and L-Collection at Paris Fashion Week

Lesunja, the fine jewelry brand, presented their first solo fashion show at Galerie Guillaume in Paris during Paris Fashion Week. During the show, luxury jewelry designer Lesunja unveiled the Zodiac collection and the Lesunja L-collection.

The new Zodiac collection allows the wearer to have a constant companion with their personal zodiac sign in tow. While the new L-collection is a simple and timeless design for the self-determined, freedom-loving woman.

The luxury jewelry collection designed by Lesunja is made for everyone who has a passion for the beautiful things in life. Passionate, the word that best sums up the Lesunja L-collection. There is a passion for the beautiful, the glamorous, and the noble in these finest pieces of jewelry.

Shimmering gold and set with the finest diamonds and brilliant-cut diamonds, the pieces of jewelry in the L-collection are a special eye-catcher, which significantly underlines the elegant appearance of their wearers.

With every further look you take at the filigree pieces, the more splendid details reveal themselves. The finely set gemstones in the finest gold shine fiery and with their sparkling shine bring to light that passion that lies deep in the heart of every person. 

To shop Lesunja please visit: https://www.lesunja.ch/en/produkte/jewelry-1?d=1.

About Lesunja Fine Jewelry

Lesunja stands for jewelry that’s more than what meets the eye. Through brilliance in her art and technique, the designer creates jewelry that tells a story. A story of those that build and wear it. The inspiration behind Lesunja’s work comes from a deep attention to the customer’s aesthetic requirements and understanding what pieces mean for you. They represent celebrations, covenants, and memories – things that can only be captured by timeless masterpieces.

Lesunja also takes responsibility of the world to heart. Her jewelry is created through Fair Trade and recycled gold to minimize our footprint on earth. The brand understands that sustainability is essential to their craftsmanship. You can learn more about the brand at www.lesunja.ch.