KeyWe: The Newest Smart Home Door Lock Recently Launched

Smart Home and Smart Appliances have become increasingly popular by the day with products like Oscar the Smart Trash Can to virtual assistance like Alexa. One has to wonder what else will become “Smart.” Most people associate the smart home door lock with the Ring but now there is a new smart lock just recently launched to compete in the smart lock market.

The KeyWe smart lock has a high level of flexibility with its multiple ways of connecting and makes access control simple with the easy-to-use app. Below are the specifications and features of the KeyWe:

  • SMART KEYWE: The door opens automatically when you approach the door lock or just touch the screen once and the door will open.
  • GUEST KEY: Give your guest unrestricted access to your home for the period of your choice. Just enter the number from your host and you have access.
  • SECURE HOME: KeyWe informs you in real-time when registered users enter or leave. You can also check the access activity for the past two months.
  • CONNECTIVITY: By providing native Z-Wave and Bluetooth you will have a lot more possibilities designing your smart home.
  • SECURE FLAT SHARING: Up to 20 passcodes and 20 keycards can be stored in KeyWe door lock.
  • NO MORE KEY UNDER THE MAT: Let your visitor know the 5 digits passcode and have access to your home.
  • KEYWE APP Features: Just download the app and launch the KeyWe app and then you can configure your door lock.
  • HIGH TEMPERATURE SENSING: Sensing high temperature (140±50oF, 65±10℃) the door lock will be unlocked automatically.
  • INTRUSION DETECTION: If someone tries to open the door abnormally, a strong beep (80db) will sound.
  • BUILT STRONG MATERIAL: KeyWe is built strong enough for a car to run over it while staying intact.

KeyWe already got fully funded on Kickstarter in three hours, 3,226 supporters backed over $500,000 purchasing 4,831 devices. The delivery of product will start as early as August 2018.

A follow-up campaign on Indiegogo InDemand has already started where you can get the early bird price of $119.00. KeyWe’s current campaign on Indiegogo InDemand is located here:

For more information about KeyWe please visit:


Source: KeyWe, Kickstarter, Indiegogo InDemand