KELSE Autumn/Winter 2021 Collection at London Fashion Week

KELSE, a contemporary fashion brand based in London, revealed their Autumn/Winter 2021 Collection at the Oxford Fashion Studios for London Fashion Week. The A/W 2021 collection has been directly inspired by the work of artist Georgia o’Keeffe, whose work largely involved paintings of enlarged flowers, and landscapes, encapsulating her feelings.

Much like the work of o’Keeffe, the collection is centered around nature, with (90%) of the products being derived from natural sources. Her approach was able to depict natural form objects as something abstract, reflected in the manipulation of raw materials, cut and composition. There is a sense of euphoria in seeing a mere piece of fabric be transformed into a wearable form of art.

The collection exudes contemporary yet timeless designs that encapsulate the art of craftsmanship and are fueled by the appreciation of manual labor, free from gender barriers. With a deep focus on the artistry of the pieces resulting in high quality, sustainable designs all designed and manufactured in London.

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Founded in 2019, KELSE explores modern design with sustainable action. The look softens structured silhouettes, contrasted with intricately cut details. A blend of bold designs with effortless style. Casual and composed, relaxed and luxurious. All products are consciously crafted to reduce the footprint, rejecting the fast fashion model that is a major contributor to environmental devastation.

Great design takes time. KELSE selects fabrics and composes trims that are attractive and meaningful, with a commitment to the sustainability of the materials and process. Production goes through one factory unit in Tottenham, London, managed by a husband and wife. The small run size eliminates overstock, reduces ecological impact and maintains exclusivity.

Some designs are made to order and can be tailored to your own specifications. An alteration service is available. Send an email for more information on this service. KELSE adapts and evolves, from the designs to the production. It’s a pursuit of style and values without compromises.


Source: KELSE, LFW, Oxford Fashion Studios