KAIKORERO Fashion Brand Announces Representation by Totem Fashion and Unveils KKRO 1.0 Collection

Announced this week, KAIKORERO, a young fashion brand by Chinese designer Nick Yin, will now be represented by Totem Fashion, the Paris communication agency, which promotes French and international fashion labels and institutions. This announcement comes right in time for the launch of the new KKRO 1.0 collection which emphasizes on assembling silicone onto the garments.

The usage of silicone adds certain qualities to this collection. It is sustainable, synthetic, translucent, and it is flexible. Overall, the silicone provides an unique contrast in texture. Applications such as sewed on, buttoned up, and buckled on are widely used.

KKRO 1.0 is making the collection as a whole rather than individual pieces. Each piece of garments is a simple design that can stand alone. Then accessories can be added to the cloth in the way that create something greater than just the sum of pieces. 1+1 can be more than 2. This concept is implied throughout the collection.

One of the high light design feature for the collection is the detachable system between varies pieces of clothes and accessories. For instance, the main piece bomber jacket is designed to assemble accessories in different positions. One can play with the positioning of the accessories as well as multiply the accessories applied. Therefore, one can create a look that has multiple bags or silicone stripes buttoned on the jacket.

The silicone straps can be assembled on the built-in D rings. Singular application or multiple application are all possible. This is another playful feature for this collection. The straps instantly transform into suspenders, lanyards or jacket carriers. The possibilities are only limited by one’s imagination.

Accessories like buttons and buckles are all rubberized coated. This matches with the silicone and create a “toylike” texture. Combining industrial material to garments does not have to be cold and stiff. It can be flexible and playful!

The collection is completed with a range of other pieces like: Zippered Back Pocket Nylon Jackets, Matching Nylon Track Pants, Silicone Pocket Crewneck & Tee, Sweaters With Silicone Stripes, Half-Sleeve Tee, PVC Brimmed Nylon Bucket Hat, Multipurpose Nylon Crossbody Bag and Silicone Belt etc.

This collection is now available at Totem, 17 rue de Bassano 75116 Paris. To  learn more about Totem Fashion please visit: http://www.totemfashion.com/.


Source: Totem Fashion