JOY Familytech Launches Calmy Touchscreen Storyteller Device on Kickstarter

Today, JOY Familytech, the creators of the Octopus Watch, launched Calmy, a touchscreen storyteller device that provides soothing stories, calming sounds, and light ambiances for kids of all ages, on Kickstarter. With the goal of making bedtime more peaceful and easing restless minds, it features thousands of stories sorted by categories and age, with new selections to be added weekly.

“Our team is committed to helping children create healthy routines,” said founder Sam Hickmann. “With Calmy, we opted for a very child friendly interface with big colorful icons and a touchscreen that’s easy for children to use. Parents will be glad to know that it complies with the Child Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). We don’t collect any personal information of the children nor the parents.”

Created by a team that includes experts in child development, Calmly creates a relaxing atmosphere that boosts imagination, fosters curiosity, and lets kids discover new cultures, all the while helping to soothe and set the mood for a good night’s sleep. When it’s time to sleep, Calmy transforms into a nightlight, then turns into a serene alarm in the morning to make sure children always wake up on the right foot.

Calmy doubles as a circadian light with 24 multi-color LEDs that display virtually any color and is preloaded with several ambiances to produce effects for focus, calmness, and more. It can be customized with kid-friendly sticker panels that are easily changed.

The early bird special for the Calmy is $79.00 and will begin shipping out in April 2021. For more information, visit the Calmy Kickstarter page here.

About JOY Familytech:

JOY Familytech provides the training wheels for good habits. The company’s mission is to empower families by helping parents offer structure and routines in their children’s lives.

This helps children develop self-discipline and self-esteem and provides them with the organizational skills necessary for a successful and happy life. The company consists of a passionate, diverse team with backgrounds in child development, engineering, business, and communication.