Joriki Yoga Apparel That’s Making a Difference Globally

It is always great to hear about a brand or company that contributes to the communities where their business is located but also helping charities globally. Joriki is a high-end brand of unique yoga apparel that is located in Chicago and made in the US. Giving back to the global community is at the heart of the Joriki brand with each collection tied to an associated charity.

A percentage of the proceeds from each Joriki sale goes to support a carefully selected set of organizations that fight global poverty. Their mantra for their charitable initiatives that are also part of their “Mantra Collection” is #LOOKFORWARDGIVEBACK.

Currently, Joriki has been making some positive change for school children in Guatemala. For every item purchased a percentage of each sale goes towards building schools in Guatemala.

Joriki also had other new collections additions of their fashion line launched over the summer that are giving back for special causes. One is the Sumba Warrior Collection with a percentage of sales from the Sumba Warrior Collection going directly to The Sumba Foundation. The other is the Domingo Zapata Collection with a percentage of sales from the Domingo Zapata line going directly to

Joriki also helps provide microloans to impoverished women so they can grow businesses that support themselves and their children. It donates to charities offering disaster assistance and promoting literacy efforts.Joriki loves customers to share their ideas and inspirations. If you traveling to a country that inspired one of their prints or has a design idea they want to know. You can email Joriki at

If you would like to shop for their various collections please visit: To shop the Sumba Warrior Collection please visit: To shop Domingo Zapata Collection please visit:

Remember to always try to #LOOKFORWARDGIVEBACK; simple acts of kindness will make someone’s day all the way across the world.


Source: Joriki