Introducing the Mister Rogers Alpaca Sweater Just In Time for the Movie

When you think of Fred Rogers, the star of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood you remember his cardigan sweaters that came in a variety of primary colors. Tom Hanks will soon be seen in these sweaters in his role of Mr. Rogers in the movie “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood.” For this Holiday season, you can have one of your very own or gift a Mister Rogers Alpaca cardigan sweater. The Mister Rogers Alpaca sweater collection is made from 100% alpaca wool and come in three iconic styles. Instead of traditional sizing, they will be available in sizes 1 – 6. Completely gender-neutral, these sweaters will work for everybody.

Alpaca is one of the world’s most sustainable fibers. Alpacas are very tender on the earth – they nip grassy shoots leaving roots intact which can regrow, their padded feet are soft on the terrain and their wool, known for softness and warmth, is shorn in order to keep them healthy. The fiber itself is allergen-free and safe for everyone to wear as it contains no lanolin and is processed with gentle soaps and far less water than other wools.

It comes in a wide variety of natural colors, but also dyes beautifully without having to use harsh chemicals for the dyes to stick. With his message of “be kind” it is easy to assume that Mr. Rogers would like these qualities.

Below are the specifications:

  • 100% Superfine Alpaca Wool
  • Unisex Adult Sizes 1-6  Sizing – Click on the SPECIFICATIONS tab above.
  • Long cuff-able sleeves adjust for every arm length.
  • Ribbed collar, cuffs and hem.
  • Metal smooth gliding zipper.
  • Sustainably harvested, processed, and knit under Fair Trade guidelines.
  • Hand wash cold, lay flat to dry or Dry Clean.

When the designer of the Mister Rogers Alpaca sweater, Kim Brooks, was researching men’s cardigans for another project, she heard a story that Arnold Palmer and Fred Rogers were friends who grew up outside of Pittsburgh in the town of Latrobe. The story goes that Arnold Palmer mentioned that he had been approached to create something for golfers in the way of apparel. Fred Rogers said “Why don’t you do a sweater? Everyone loves sweaters!” and thus the iconic golf sweater had its inspiration. Arnold Palmer’s love and use of alpaca wool in his sweaters had a notable influence on the Peruvian alpaca industry in the 1950s and 60s.

Mr. Rogers wore a sweater on every show because it was a way to be close to his mother Nancy and take a bit of her love with him when he wore one. Mr. Rogers’ mother hand knit each of his cozy sweaters. She would knit about 12 sweaters a year and he and his family members would all get one from her every Christmas. He said that his mom showed her love for her family with these gifts and that a sweater was like a warm hug from a person when they weren’t near.

Each sweater is licensed by the Fred Rogers Company. These “Original Mister Rogers Cardigan Sweaters” are tangible expressions of the timeless messages of love, caring and kindness. They are a way of expressing “I love you just the way you are” to a loved one or yourself and the licensing fees paid will go directly toward continuing children’s programing via The Fred Rogers Company, continuing to impart to children that they are enough and special just as they are.

The sweaters start at $189.99 and will be shipping out starting November 22, 2019. With every sweater sold, their licensing fees go directly to the McFeely-Rogers Foundation to be used in the development and production of children’s programming. The Mister Rogers Alpaca Sweaters can be seen at