illumy Smart Sleep Mask Product Review


The illumy smart sleep mask is a lightweight smart sleep mask that blocks out unwanted light and provides its own light to trigger your body’s natural responses. Blue tones wake you gently and effectively in the morning before your chosen alarm time, and red-toned light helps you fall asleep at night. These are the same light cues used by NASA to regulate sleep on the space station.

When I unboxed the illumy smart sleep mask I immediately plugged it into my PC and while it was charging I downloaded the Sound Oasis App. Within the app you can set up alarm time, alarm chime, sunrise and sunset preferences plus chose to put it in sleep enhancement mode.

After setting up my sleep preferences I turned on the mask and synced it with my iPhone by using the app. When you first turn on the illumy smart sleep mask there will be a red light indicating it’s turned on. Since I already set up an alarm time and settings the hue inside the mask is similar to a sunset. After I put the mask on the lights inside the mask gradually dimmed and I was ready for my power nap!

For a 20 minute power nap:

  • Set the illumy alarm time 30 minutes later than the current time
  • Choose a 20 minute sunrise
  • Set the sunset to “off”
  • Enable or disable the alarm chime
  • Sync illumy with the App
  • Press the sleep button
  • Lay back and relax

The illumy smart sleep mask will slowly wake you up after your nap with a bright blue energizing light.

The illumy smart sleep mask’s full list of features include:

  • Built-in Alarm
    • illumy contains a wake-up light alarm clock in a sleep mask. Set your alarm time with the free Android, iOS or web App and illumy will wake you up with a brightening sunrise.
  • Silent Alarm Setting
    • Choose to enable the audible chime alarm or silent alarm. The silent alarm wakes you up with a sunrise simulation that gets brighter as your alarm time approaches.
  • Custom Sunset/Sunrise length
    • Fall asleep quickly with your choice of 10 to 60 minute long sunset. Wake up to a blue enriched sunrise with a duration of 10 to 60 minutes. You may select the length in the App.
  • Sleep Enhance
    • Use the advanced Sleep Enhance feature to eliminate distracting thoughts and calm a racing mind using calming sunset pulsations
    • In the morning, Sleep Enhance presents an energizing quickening pulsing sunrise
  • Home/Away Time Setting
    • Perfect for traveling, choose your time zone before you get to your destination. illumy’s internal clock will take care of time zone calculations for you. Choose the time zone of your destination and set your alarm. When you arrive, illumy will be ready to wake you up.

The illumy smart sleep mask is great for someone who travels or struggling to fall asleep. I’m personally not a sleep mask person but I must admit the illumy smart sleep mask is very comfortable.

The illumy smart sleep mask comes with a travel case, charger, micro USB charge cable, programming cable, user manual and warranty reply card. The illumy smart sleep mask is currently $149.99 and can be purchased on their site located here.


Source: Sound Oasis