Skrite App Launches to Let Users Leave Real-time Messages in the Sky with Augmented Reality

Skrite, the first app empowering users to create their own AR by leaving virtual messages in the sky, launched today internationally. Skrite is the first app to offer user-generated AR in a space historically dominated by coders and developers now everyday users can use the app to create their own messages and explore others in the sky around them. From the cloud now to the sky, what’s next? Space? This should be an interesting app to experience.

Skrite allows users to virtually own a piece of the sky, be it the airspace above their home, business, or any location that brings value to companies that can potentially use this space for advertising. Skrite offers an ‘augmented reality teleportation’ experience. Users can connect with people all over the world and see a 360 degree view of the city around them—including unique content created by people living in that city.

Skrites are created in zones, with a maximum of 25 Skrites allowed per zone. The first user to create a Skrite in a zone gets that zone named after them. To explore the sky around them, users simply need to tilt their phone upwards. They can then see the public Skrites people have left around them, or even the private Skrites their friends have left for them. But users don’t have to just explore the sky above where they’re standing.

Skrite offers an ‘augmented reality teleportation’ experience. Users can connect with people throughout the world and see a 360 degree view of the city around them—including unique content created by individuals living in that city creating a unique blend of augmented and virtual reality.

To download the Skrite App, go to the Apple App store: I tried to download it today but it was asking for a payment and I believe this app is free, but fair warning just in case you run into the same issue.


Source: Skrite