Hayden Cudworth: A New Online Wedding Ring Service

Shopping for wedding and engagement rings, speaking from experience can be a stressful and exhausting experience at the jewelry store. The high-pressure sales tactics and figuring out the ring you thought you wanted doesn’t look good on so you’re back to square one can be taxing. There has to be a better solution for future brides and there is now!

Hayden Cudworth a new wedding ring selection service that offers a modern, joint shopping experience and promotes involvement by both partners in a collaborative manner. It’s a hassle-free, 100% shopping service where the entire ring choosing process happens in the comfort and convenience of the home with no pushy store salesperson.

How it works:

  • Hayden Cudworth site allows clients to select and try on five engagement rings and/or wedding bands from their home. Hayden Cudworth will ship it to you for free via USPS First-Class mail. Their replicas are made of silver alloy with .50 – 1 carat diamond simulants in 6.5 ring size.
  • Replicas of the chosen rings are delivered to the home letting couples make the selection by themselves or consult family and friends. You’ll have 5 days to try them on and make a decision and once you made your choice just ship the rings back with their pre-addressed label.
  • Once the final ring is chosen from Hayden Cudworth’s collection, it will be custom made in the ideal size and choice of metal finish: yellow gold, rose gold, white gold and platinum.

Hayden Cudworth’s pricing is also very competitive as is direct to consumer, with no middleman involved to keep costs low. The site also has a buying a ring guide which includes which helps you learn about cute, clarity, color, carats, medal types, setting and sizing.

I’m going to request a sample or demo of how it works first person so stay tuned for that featured article! Before hauling your cookies to a jewelry store I suggest checking out Hayden Cudworth, the new way to shop for a ring.

To shop Hayden Cudworth collection or to learn more please visit: https://haydencudworth.com. If you want to check out their buying ring guide please visit: https://haydencudworth.com/buying-guide/.


Source: Hayden Cudworth