Lustro Stella® Premium Cubic Zirconia Jewelry Line Returns to Shop LC

Announced just this week, Lustro Stella®, the premium cubic zirconia jewelry line, is coming back to Shop LC, a value-conscious, interactive retailer focused on the fine jewelry based in Austin, Texas. Lustro Stella® jewelry is made in sterling silver with a platinum finish and stunning premium cubic zirconia stones.

As you can see from the images of the jewelry line, these cubic zirconia gems are colorless with extra fine clarity. Stones are precision cut for superior brightness, fire, and scintillation.

By adhering to the traditional value factors of diamonds, this jewelry line provides the impressive look of diamond jewelry without the cost. Specially designed for Shop LC, Lustro Stella® draws inspiration from current top trends in diamond jewelry.

 “Our customers have made it clear, they want affordable simulated diamond jewelry that takes their breath away,” explains Cindy Chen Derkacz, Vice President of Merchandising, Shop LC. “After listening to their feedback, we knew we had to go back and develop our product even further. These new designs have been independently appraised for their beauty, quality, and value. Shop LC customers expect a premium experience right out the box, and we think our updated range provides just that. Make a statement, let them wonder. You will shine!”

Lustro Stella® kept in mind classic jewelry remains popular but also increasingly being interpreted through a contemporary lens while designing this line. The brand provides designs that blend old school sensibility with modern flair, providing jewelry pieces that make for great bridal jewelry options.

 “Lustro Stella was the top pick among visitors to The Wedding Guide and Bridal Extravaganza in Austin,” says Michelle Long, Director of Communications, Shop LC. “Everyone is always conscious of their budget when planning their wedding. While guests to our booth were excited by the designs, they were simply floored with the low price point! For them, it is a great way to add the sparkle and sophistication of diamond while on a budget.”

Lustro Stella® returns to Shop LC on February 20, 2020. Their jewelry line is mostly under $100.00 and starting at $14.99. The full range is viewable at


Source: Lustro Stella®, Shop LC