Happy Giving Tuesday: List of Charities to Donate to For the Holidays

Happy Giving Tuesday! This Holiday season why not try something different by donating to a charity as a Holiday gift. We have created a list of charities that you can donate to for the Holidays and for Puerto Rico disaster relief. Below are the lists and though we can’t list every charity on the planet here some great donation ideas for the Holiday season.

Charities Taking Donations for the Holiday Season:

Donating Efforts for Puerto Rico:

Many people do not realize that Puerto Rico still needs help after the hurricanes. Per CNN, the list of 55 deaths attributed to the hurricane includes ones from heart attacks and suicides that were precipitated by a storm that shook even the sturdiest of the 3.4 million American citizens who live on this Caribbean island. Below are links to sites that are specifically for Puerto Rico disaster relief.

We wish you all Happy Holidays and keep checking back on Hi-Tech Chic for more Holiday gift guides.


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