Go Dash Dot Encourages Women To Vote with 30% Discount on a Selection of Bags

After what seems to be the worst debate in US history last week, the importance to vote, especially as a woman in the United States is imperative! Go Dash Dot has just launched a “Go Vote!” campaign that will connect people to voter registration methods and offer a 30 percent discount to anyone who submits their ballot.

“Our country is broken. Now more than ever, we need to come out and fight for the basics – life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” says Go Dash Dot founder Hannah Fastov. “This starts with voting.”

Fastov, one of fashion’s youngest female leaders, was inspired to create Go Dash Dot as a means to empower women by giving them bag styles that serve any part of their busy lives, whether it’s work, gym, family outings, social occasions and travel. The bags, sleek and stylish, are also highly functional, allowing the woman-on-the-go to accomplish anything she wants throughout her day.

“We want to provide our community of ambitious, creative, and irreverent women with the tools to have their voice be heard and continue the cycle of empowered women empowering other women,” says Fastov. “My direct goal for Go Dash Dot is to embrace and celebrate the multifaceted lives of women and provide them with functional, fashionable bags. More broadly, my goal is to empower women to feel successful, exercise her rights, and find her power to fight for what she believes in.”

“As American women, we have won our right to vote. As American citizens, it is our responsibility to vote,” says Fastov. As part of this, any woman who votes will get a discount on any style in the Go Dash Dot collection.

To start shopping after you VOTED on Go Dash Dot please visit: https://godashdot.com/pages/vote. Please don’t forget to VOTE!

To shop Go Dash Dot please visit: https://godashdot.com/.


Source: Go Dash Dot