Get THE Look With The Glam App

BeGlammed has been on the scene for more than two years when it comes to stylist that come to the client instead of the client going to the salon with not much competition. They NOW have competition and they have more offerings than BeGlammed.

Introducing The Glam App, founded by actress/ fashion tastemaker Cara Santana along with longtime friend and celebrity stylist, Joey Maalouf. The Glam App offers hair and make-up like BeGlammed BUT they also offer nail service and hot nail service at that!

The Glam App was pretty easy to get at the App store for IOS and it’s free. After you download the app the first screen will ask you to either sign up or login. After setting up the account it will take you to a screen that shows what cities they currently cover. Unfortunately Austin, the Live Music Capital of the World, is not listed in their service area yet.

The next displayed is the screen where you pick out hair, nails, or makeup service. Each service has a variety of unique celebrity like style choices versus BeGlammed that has more of a generalization of services. Currently, BeGlammed hair styling options are Blowout, Dry Style, Styling or Up do while The Glam App is more specific to the exact style like “Bombshell.” This is a plus and minus as with BeGlammed “Dry Style” can be anything from a braid to summer waves which gives you more flexibility while The Glam App is the exact hair style so you know what you get ahead of time. The pricing for hair style services starts at $50.00 similar to BeGlammed.

The Glam App unique hair styles offered currently are: Boobshell, Pin Straight, Beach Waves, Side Swept, Braid, Ballerina Bun, and Half Up. After you choose a style the next screen is picking which type of stylist you want. It can either be BSG, JRS or VIP and below are the descriptions of each type of stylist to choose from.

  • BSG: A stylist with a year of experience and/or a graduate of beauty school
  • JRS: Any stylist with 2-5 years of experience
  • VIP: A sought after stylist that has 5 years or more of experience or excessive callbacks

Unlike BeGlammed, The Glam App offers Nail Service which is a huge plus! How many times do you go to the salon and by the time you pay and get to your car there are already chips and dents? It’s frustrating! The Glam App offers a simple Polish, Manicure, Gel manicure, Acrylic, Hard Gel, Gel Extentions, Fills, Pedicure and Gel Pedicure. Nail service starts at $30.00, what a steal!

Another positive on The Glam App especially for nails is they stay very current on the hot trends so you will always look spot on and ready for the run way or red carpet even if you’re just going to the beach. For instance on their blog I found out about this hot new nail polish, Nails Inc by Alexa Camo, that is trending I would have NEVER known about but The Glam App style team does. Who doesn’t like looking trendier than the rest at a beach or summer party?

The last option on The Glam App is makeup which is key during the summer or any city that is relatively hot. The makeup style options include the Glow, No Make Up Make Up, Blushing Babe, Contour Queen, Statement Lip, Cat Eye, Smokey Eye, and Pop of color. Similar to when booking your hair style you have the option between BSG, JRS or VIP as a stylist. Make up services start at $60.00 while BeGlammed is a whopping $75.00.

Once you create your account with The Glam App you will be able to view previous appointments, rebook a stylist and find a stylist. The one thing that BeGlammed has that The Glam App doesn’t have yet in that section is skin allergies which is a must have now a days.

The Glam App also acts as a virtual agency, allowing stylists to act as freelance artists; making their own hours, building clientele, and managing their schedules and appointments. To apply to be a stylist click here.

All in all this a great app for those whose cities are covered. Unfortunately, Austin, is not covered yet but I’m working on getting them out here before Formula 1 with Justin Timberlake and SXSW 2018! I strongly suggest checking out The Glam App especially if you are a BeGlammed client so you can see the differences of the services each app provides. Maybe you will find both useful OR maybe The Glam App is your personal stylist app of choice. I personally think their nail service is genius and hope to use it one day!

For more information or to get The Glam App click here.