EyeBuyDirect Introduces XTRActive Lenses; The Next Generation Transition Lenses

Recently launched on EyeBuyDirect, the one-stop online optical shop, XTRActive Transition Lenses are now available on EyeBuyDirect frames. The new next-generation transition lenses offer the darkest lens yet to protect eyes from even the brightest conditions. Drivers will appreciate that the lenses are more responsive than before, getting even darker behind the windshield when needed.

XTRActive Transition Lenses work by automatically detecting UV light in the area. Depending on how bright it is around you, they’ll seamlessly turn from light to dark. For example: when you’re walking outside in bright sunlight, they’ll transition to dark and offer 100% UVA and UVB blocking. When you return indoors, they’ll clear back up without you lifting a finger.

“Customers have been asking for these features, and we’re one of the first to offer this new generation of Transitions lenses,” said Caroline Dubreuil, product manager at EyeBuyDirect. “Anyone who spends time behind the wheel will appreciate the difference immediately when the lenses get darker to reduce eye strain during bright conditions – a technology that was previously unavailable.”

All EyeBuyDirect sunglasses, including Transitions and XTRActive Transitions lenses, feature 98% UV protection as recommended by the American Optometric Association.

XTRActive Lenses eyewear starts at just $205 for a complete pair, including frames and prescription lenses, making the new technology affordable and price-competitive when compared with even less-protective glasses. And they can be ordered with all EyeBuyDirect frames.

EyeBuyDirect makes it easy to purchase eyewear online and have confidence in the purchase. XTRActive lenses are available in a wide variety of frames and include 99% UV protection, digital protection, anti-scratch and water-resistant coatings.  All frames on the site are available for prescription, non-prescription and digital protection lenses.

To shop the XTRActive Lenses collection please visit: https://www.eyebuydirect.com/prescription-lens/transitions.

Learn more about EyeBuyDirect at www.eyebuydirect.com.