Erigo-X Presents “True Through You” Collection at NYFW

Erigo-X, the Indonesia streetwear brand, presented its True Through You collection at Spring Studios as part of NYFW: The Shows.  The True Through You collection featured denim, mesh, and cotton layered and baggy silhouettes. Models wore contrasting bright blue and olive green with black and gray.

Accessorized with chains, leather bucket hats, and sunglasses. Styled Beauty looks made a statement with wet and slicked hair by Unite with Gary Baker at lead and pop of blue makeup by Mandy Gakhal at AOFMPro.

Erigo-X’s True Through You Collection Spring/Summer 2023 runway show is dedicated to :

“those who strive to find their true identity and authenticity as an individual. Staying true to yourself means living unapologetically. It means embracing all qualities, both the positives and flaws. It means accepting who we are, understanding what we bring to the table, and striving for what we believe in. Erigo-X wants to inspire you to keep pushing forward, to stay true to your voice, to stay true to your dreams, and to find #TrueTroughYou.”

As you may know, Erigo-X is a streetwear brand that does not put a label on the person who is wearing the piece. Erigo-X does not prioritize defining oneself through only one stereotype but rather for individuals to experiment with different ways of being themselves and to shape their personal identities over time. The show was powered by Tokopedia. 

About Erigo-X

Erigo started its journey as a small brand from Indonesia back in 2011. During its first year, they focused on showcasing Indonesian traditional fabric: Batik and Ikat. After a few years of trial and error, Erigo changed direction to become a brand that we know today. Targeting toward younger audiences and delivering more variety of basic items have led Erigo to expand business across Indonesia and beyond. Erigo has been worn by Indonesian celebrities Luna Maya, Gading Martin, Raline Syah, and Anya Geraldine. Follow the brand at


Source: NYFW, Erigo-X