Eldritch Foundry, Customizable 3-D Miniatures, Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Eldritch Foundry, the new online character creator that gives users the freedom to bring the most customizable miniature figures to life, just launched their Kickstarter campaign. With Eldritch Foundry, you can craft the mini of your dreams, with every detail you imagined, and have it 3D-printed in a never before seen quality. Users visualize and create the smallest details, from hands, heads, tails, wings, clothes, weapons and practically anything else you can think of.

The process in creating your mini starts by it getting individually drawn by gentle hands of Eldritch Foundry Tiefling concept artists. Then, these sketches are animated, given sentience, and turned into 3-Dimensional models.  The miniatures are then crafted from the models by an expert team of Gnome Wizards.

This process is designed to bring you the highest-quality, unique, and magically enchanted miniatures possible. They then make it a reality with their world-class 3D printers. The end result is a seamless, flawless miniatures that conquer everything in the industry. When it’s done they ship it free to your local gaming store in a collector quality case.

Eldritch Foundry Features Include:

  • Fun and enjoyable! Customization is quick, game-like and fully immersive.
  • Unique and original craftsmanship; all the items, armor, weapons, clothes, and accessories your character will ever need.
  • Built-in status indicator bases – for quick and easy identification of character status and condition.
  • New original lore! Every race, class, weapon and armor has a background, harkening back to the RPGs that we grew up with. All their lore was written by amazing Patrick Stuart!
  • Quality 3D printing – no other mini provider makes minis like them. Their 3D printers show the finest details, exactly as designed by you, the player, with no seams, flash or mold lines.

The Eldritch Foundry has partnered with the leading US 3D printer manufacturer, 3DSystems, and their in-house printers utilize the most advanced technology available on the market. As such, they are printing at a quality that is substantially higher than anyone else. They print at about 40% higher definition than anyone else on the market.

Furthermore, most miniatures currently available on the market are printed at around 50 microns. An Eldritch Foundry miniature is printed at around 32 microns. The quality of their miniatures is so high that they are on par with resin castings. In addition, they use wax supports which means your miniatures will have no flash, no mold lines, and no seams. 

Eldritch Foundry has developed the first and only conditional marker base for the miniatures. This base allows for the quick and easy identification of conditional statuses of your character, without the need for conditional rings or milk jug rings. The conditions available on your unique Eldritch Foundry miniature base include poisoned, restrained, concentration, deafened, petrified, grappled, blinded, and frightened.

Eldritch Foundry has built a completely new business model, working hand-in-hand with local gaming stores. They’ve got over 50 stores that have agreed to launch with them across the continental US, when they debut on the floor at Gen Con, this August.

The pledge on Kickstarter that includes a miniature coupon starts at $39.00 and goes up from there.

To back their Kickstarter campaign please visit: http://kck.st/2vP4e3U. For more information please visit: https://www.eldritchfoundry.com/.


Source: Eldritch Foundry, Kickstarter