Dolby Laboratories, Inc. Announces Integration with the Social Media App ‘display’

Announced today, Dolby Laboratories, Inc. will integrate its audio and video technologies with display, the “Social that Pays” (formerly known as Tsū) through, the Dolby media and interactivity platform.

As a creative space where people can connect, create and share their content, display users get awarded with the ad revenues they generate. Designed to enable businesses and developers to deliver high-quality media content in their apps and services, is a powerful set of communications and media processing APIs.

Now, display creators can enhance their livestreams and enable multi-party audio and video communications with their audiences. With, display creators can now take advantage of HD video, advanced noise reduction and spatial audio to generate a caliber of content largely unavailable on other social media platforms.

display will also provide high-quality metrics, audio analytics, and deeper content insights. The integration reinforces display’s drive to help users create more engaging, influential content. These tools are embedded directly in the display platform and do not require the creator to obtain additional hardware, such as third-party microphones or cameras.

“display is a fantastic example of how app developers can harness the power of APIs to deliver fidelity and quality to their users,” said Philip Nicol, senior director of interactivity business at Dolby. “There are a growing number of creators, artists and influencers seeking and experimenting with new and innovative publishing channels like display, and audiences deserve to experience their passion and hard work in the highest quality possible.”

The platform integration provides display creators with an enhanced professional toolset that will make engaging and impactful content freely accessible.

“With the integration we are putting professional tools in all our creators’ hands, helping our community deliver high-quality content to audiences around the world,” said John Acunto, founder and chief innovation officer of display. “As we prepare to launch, we are proud to share how we’ve worked together with Dolby Laboratories to make display the social media challenger we know it will be.”

For more information, visit or download the display social app through Apple’s® App Store® for iOS devices and Google Play® for Android® devices. To learn more about please visit:


Source: Dolby, display