Celestron Launches New Telescope During CES 2020

During CES 2020, Celestron, an industry leader in high-quality telescopes, announced its newest telescope designed to reinvent the way people of all technical expertise levels experience to explore the universe. The StarSense Explorer is the world’s first consumer telescope to affordably offer sophisticated sky recognition technology used by professional observatories, in collaboration with existing smartphone camera hardware, to quickly determine telescope positioning, facilitate sky mapping and seamlessly guide users to thousands of celestial objects.

While using the StarSense Explorer users can simply position either an Android or iOS smartphone in the innovative telescope-mounted dock and launch the included StarSense Explorer phone app. The app features a unique guidance system that allows users to simply follow on-screen arrows to precisely and easily locate a desired object, without requiring a Wi-Fi or cellular signal.

While at CES 2020 I had a quick demo of the telescope to learn more upclose what all it can do and how it works.

In addition, the StarSense Explorer features a comprehensive interactive database that provides informative details on celestial objects, making the product also a valuable celestial reference guide and STEM-focused learning tool.

The StarSense Explorer project was covertly in development for more than two years and incorporates Celestron’s six decades of celestial navigation experience and optical innovations, resulting in a product that is an affordable introduction to sky viewing without compromising the quality and performance that has long been associated with the Celestron brand.

The StarSense Explorer is now available for immediate shipment and offered in four variations, including the StarSense Explorer DX 130AZ, a 130mm reflector-type telescope ($399.95). Refractor-type versions are also available. For more information please visit: https://www.celestron.com/collections/starsense-explorer-smartphone-app-enabled-telescopes.

About Celestron

Celestron envisions a global community where the exploration of the universe is accessible, informative and enlightening. For more than half a century, the California-based company has been the world’s most recognized telescope brand and the provider of premier consumer skygazing products. Celestron’s iconic “orange tube” telescopes have become ubiquitous within the field of astronomy and the company offers the largest product selection within the telescope industry. To learn more about Celestron’s new products visit celestron.com or join our Facebook community at Facebook.com/celestron. For further information about StarSense Explorer, please visit https://www.celestron.com/ssetelescopes.


Source: Celestron, CES