Canson® Infinity: Prints On Fine Art Papers That Keeps Your Summer Memories

With summer vacations and back to school coming up faster than we know it capturing memories are important. For nearly half a millennium, Canson® has been producing the world’s finest art papers for the greatest artists and designers. Drawing on this deep heritage, Canson® Infinity creates premium-quality, age-resistant papers for digital art and photo printing. 

The digital age has everyone equipped with smartphones thus making it easy to capture and share moments with friends and family. However, the quality and quantity of the images may make them less meaningful and emotional than photo albums and framed pictures. Printing photos ensures memories are shared and saved. Leaning over a paper book, touching the photo, looking at it and enjoying the rendering on paper is far more charming than sitting around a computer or smartphone screen, and far easier to pass along from one generation to the next.

As Rocco Ancora, Canson® Infinity Ambassador reminds us, “We all have a memory related to paper photography. An evening with our grandparents to contemplate and listen attentively to the stories of yesteryear told through these photographs,” says Rocco Ancora. “That’s why I like printing. Far from looking at a computer screen, printing conveys many emotions and moments of gathering all together.”

Robert Rodriguez, Canson® Infinity Ambassador perfectly transcribes this need to capture a moment on the spot, with the perspective of sharing: “As a landscape photographer, I am always looking for a way to translate what I see and feel in a given place or moment into a printed photograph that can be shared with others. For me paper is a crucial element that I choose very carefully and attentively.”

Well printed photos can last for generations, creating family heritage and heirloom pieces that outlive technology and stand the test of time. Paper printing is back in style, and so is the need for the perfect paper! Internationally recognized for its wide range of fine art papers, Canson® Infinity promises exceptional rendering and longevity.

Les Walkling, Canson® Infinity Ambassador says, “Saying I love Canson® Infinity papers is an understatement. These classic papers reflect an authenticity and sensitivity that are not always associated with the digital age. Each paper, so unique and intrinsically beautiful, brings depth, richness and dimensionality. These qualities enhance my impressions and I can’t imagine working without them.”

Looking back on a long history in the field of photography, today Canson® is the last pioneering photographic paper manufacturer that is still in business! Today, Canson® retains its spirit of innovation and combines centuries of experience with cutting edge technology in the manufacture of its paper. Canson® favours the use of natural minerals and the purest of materials, without optical brighteners, to provide printing materials that are resistant to ageing. The papers and canvases within the Canson® Infinity range for photography and digital art publishing deliver unparalleled and durable printing results, as well as optimal chromatic rendering with a large colour gamut, a strong D-Max and excellent image sharpness.

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Source: Canson®