Blackdot Introduces a New Way to Tattoo with its Automated Tattooing Platform

The company introducing “A New Way to Tattoo™”, Blackdot®, has officially launched their flagship studio in Austin, Texas. Blackdot® is unveiling its patented automated tattooing platform and opening up bookings for the first Blackdot tattoos in the heart of Texas!

You may wonder how does this work? By combining hardware, software and cloud technology, Blackdot allows artists the world over to have their designs executed as tattoos with a new level of precision and predictability. As the first automatic tattooing device and online marketplace of its kind, Blackdot is making art that was previously out of reach as a tattoo now accessible.

The platform delivers an unmatched opportunity for intricate self-expression with minimal discomfort. Top generative artist Tyler Hobbs, renowned tattoo artist Omer Tunca and living legend John Craig are supporting Blackdot’s launch with exclusive designs.

Blackdot’s device uses a small number of concealed test dots to “learn” the client’s skin characteristics. The test dots are compared against Blackdot’s skin database to determine which settings (number of punctures and puncture depth) will yield the perfect black dot for that client’s preferred tattoo location. Paired with a dedication to top-tier customer service, the result is a fast, accurate tattooing experience with minimal discomfort.

Artists who collaborate with Blackdot can control the supply of their work, allowing for limited edition collections—as well as one-of-one designs—to be offered. Tattoo designs are stored in a secure cloud that can be accessed at any Blackdot Studio, and the company utilizes blockchain technology to track tattoo execution. Each time an artist’s design is used they earn a royalty from it. Blackdot is fundamentally redefining what is possible for the tattooing industry, establishing new practices and revenue streams to shift a paradigm that too often trades time for money to the detriment of many artists.

At launch, Blackdot is offering custom tattoos from its first Blackdot Certified Artist (BCA), Tyler Hobbs, a breakout generative art star and NFT pioneer. Blackdot will also offer limited edition collections from renowned Turkish tattoo artist Omer Tunca and limited release art from John Craig, the visual artist behind the iconic cover art for The Smashing Pumpkins’ diamond double-album—Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness. Tattoo-seekers can apply for these designs on Blackdot’s website.

Through its Blackdot Certified Artist (BCA) program, tattoo-seekers will also be able to commission original designs from artists around the world and conveniently get them tattooed at any Blackdot Studio. Headquartered in Austin, Blackdot plans to expand its Studios into major U.S. cities and abroad. Additionally, the company will offer Tradable Tattoos™, which are limited edition tattoos from top artists that can be applied, traded or gifted between parties as one-of-a-kind, minted digital collectibles.

Nearly half of the population under 40 years of age in the U.S. has one or more tattoos—including 56% of women between the ages of 18 and 29, according to Pew Research. For artists across genres and for innovative brands, Blackdot provides access to a surging market that’s traditionally been off limits and a robust way to license art in tattoo, while ensuring it meets the quality standards of the original artist.

Blackdot is currently accepting applications to invest from friendly angel and institutional investors. Prospective investors are encouraged to complete an application to invest on Blackdot’s website.

About Blackdot

Blackdot uses new technologies to drive a positive path forward for the art, artists, and people for whom the body is a canvas to tell their stories. By creating the world’s first automatic tattooing device and providing an online tattoo art marketplace, Blackdot offers tattoo seekers unmatched self-expression through its replicable studio-based tattoo platform. The mission at Blackdot is to offer a new way for people to get tattoos, provide better mechanisms for artists to share and get compensated for their work, and to reimagine the tattooing process as a whole. Blackdot is based in Austin, Texas, with plans to expand its Studios into major U.S. cities and abroad.


Source: BlackDot