Astraverse Black-Led Startup Building the First Play-to-Wear Fashion Metaverse is on a mission to revolutionize the digital fashion experience by building a virtual world where physical and digital (tech folks call it ‘phygital’) fashion blend perfectly. Led by a team of energetic, innovative, black designers and digital artists, Astraverse reinvents the way we will stay fashionable within the metaverse. It features ‘play-to-wear’ concept where one can win fashion pieces, delivered to their doorsteps, through their proprietary games.

 “We are adding a ‘meta-commerce’ backend to the gaming front to create a global, sustainable fashion platform for the next generation of retail shoppers,” commented Delz Erinle, Founder of

With a goal to build the first virtual world for gamified retail, everything happens by jumping into a virtual world with your avatar that you can create within the site. In Astraverse, you can create your favorite digital outfit and now interact with the brands close to your heart.

You also have the opportunity to collect digital coins or land your hands on mystery boxes from these brands through games and fashion quests found on the metaverse.

“It’s the perfect time to things different, almost 10 years since Amazon came online and introduced a new way of shopping; the stars have aligned to reinvent fashion retail and gaming gives us the tools to achieve this,” mentioned Niyi Okeowo, Art Direction Lead and Co-founder of at the Astraverse2050 launch party last month in Lagos, Nigeria.

Building since 2020 before the metaverse hype cycle began, the team has made great progress. The Astraverse team has since received grants from Epic Games & Meta, and garnered over 1000 demo testers for the 3 iterations they had conducted at Dcentral Austin, Zebu Live London & NFT London.

They also managed to attract a 100+ brand waitlist and have grown their community to 20k members, while being accelerated by University of Cambridge I4SF, Nvidia Inception Programme, DeFine, Technation, KPMG. The team believes strongly in a common goal – to add “metacommerce” in a futuristic-yet-familiar way that brings a level of physicality to the e-commerce experience.

The Astraverse team has since planned for a lot of partnerships in the upcoming years, including a launch with a global retailer that has everyone excited on how gaming and web3 to create a new experience that makes fashion retail more gamified and sustainable.

When asked about the next milestone, the team commented to look out for the upcoming release of their 1st Play-to-Wear event – the Astra Mystery Box Challenge, scheduled to launch in February at NFT Paris. For this challenge, Astraverse has partnered with several brands for their players to win their apparels through games on Astraverse.

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Source: Astraverse