Lalaland Launches Meta Model NFT Exclusively at CES 2022

This week, Lalaland, the Amsterdam-based fashion tech start-up, announced the launch of its Meta Model Non-Fungible Token (NFT) exclusively for CES 2022. In a global first, virtual fashion models, digital fashion, and blockchain collide with the launch of Lalaland’s new limited-edition NFT built using Lalaland’s Genesis Meta Model Creator.

Launched at CES 2022, Lalaland’s Genesis Meta Model Creator is a first-of-its-kind product and the latest industry-revolutionizing innovation using AI technology. Fashion brands and retailers can leverage the tool to generate virtual fashion models of different body types, sizes, and skin complexions.

As the only virtual fashion model creator to market, the Genesis Meta Model Creator helps companies reduce cost and enjoy faster time to market for their on-model images. By combining crypto technology with virtual fashion models wearing digital fashion, Lalaland’s project marks the first time NFT artwork has been designed exclusively for CES visitors.

The award-winning fashion tech start-up has also been making waves industry-wide, earning various accolades and recognition. Backed by Google’s Black Founders Fund, Lalaland has already created virtual fashion models that more than two million consumers see on a weekly basis.

At CES 2022, Lalaland joined other Dutch participants including the Dutch Mission of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Change, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Netherlands Enterprise Agency.

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Source: Lalaland, CES