Apparis and Juicy Couture Collaborate to Bring Back the Iconic Tracksuit

Just in time for the holidays and winter, Apparis and Juicy Couture have partnered to bring back a revamped cult favorite, the Juicy Couture tracksuit. The 1990’s fashion comeback has come and gone, now with 2000s fashion making a comeback, the Juicy Couture tracksuit is among the top trends seeing a resurgence in the fashion world.

With the Apparis x Juicy Couture Collection, Apparis imposed their signature, ultra-soft faux fur onto two of Juicy Couture’s iconic tracksuit silhouettes, making this season’s ultimate loungewear sets just in time for the holiday season. The collection also features two exclusive outerwear pieces made with Apparis’ PlucheTM faux fur and vegan shearling fabric. 

In the APPARIS x Juicy Couture editorial campaign, Faux Fur Fantasy, the collection is modeled by the Skate Kitchen Twins, Brenn and Jules Lorenzo, who are founding members of Skate Kitchen – an all-female skate crew.

Shot at dawn in a Queens skate park, Apparis and Juicy Couture channel a nostalgic sister dynamic, reflective of the dynamic duo Paris and Nicky Hilton ever-so-popular in the 2000s era.

This revamped take on a classic concept further carries the tones of nostalgia, female empowerment and modernity seen throughout the Apparis x Juicy Couture collection.

The Apparis x Juicy Couture collection is available for pre-order with delivery estimated in December 2020. To shop the collection please visit:

More about Apparis:

Apparis, the vegan fashion brand best known for its bold and colorful faux fur coats, has quickly grown a cult following for their high quality, high fashion, and cruelty-free outerwear. The label is now available at over 500 stores in the US and in 20 countries, and recently expanded to include vegan leather, vegan knitwear, accessories, and homewear.

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Source: Apparis, Juicy Couture