StereoType Launches New Fashion-Forward Kids’ Clothing Collection to Ship in December 2020

Designed to celebrate kids’ individuality and freedom of expression by blending traditional ideas of boys’ and girls’ wear, StereoType, today announced the launch of its fashion Blended Fashion Collection. The new fashion-forward children’s clothing company’s collection features a variety of fashion-forward, fun and comfortable daily staples including t-shirts, zip and pullover hoodies, blazers, active skirts and pants, jeans, leggings, and a variety of accessories including beanies, caps, scarves, shoes, among other items.

Starting Dec. 1, 2020, consumers will be able to purchase the graphic t-shirts within the collection on the StereoType website. The other items in the collection will be available for pre-order starting Jan. 1, 2021. 

Founded by San Francisco-based designer Elizabeth Brunner, StereoType combines elements of style, design and comfort to inspire creativity, individuality and freedom of expression. Elizabeth drew inspiration for StereoType from her boy-girl twins, who have been blending their wardrobes together while growing up — breaking all the ‘rules’ of gendered clothing and creating singular ‘free for all’ styles.

What her children created wasn’t simply a ‘unisex’ look. Instead, Elizabeth saw it as ‘blended fashion’ — taking the best from traditional boy and girl styles and mixing them together to create outfits that were creative, comfortable, fun, and allowed her children to express the full range of their personalities. Elizabeth created StereoType to explore and celebrate children’s fashion and to advocate for self-expression of all humans, especially the small ones.

“As a designer and also a problem-solver, I’ve always been inspired by finding solutions to real-life problems, and StereoType is a reflection of this,” said Founder Elizabeth Brunner. “Watching my kids evolve and dress themselves, I couldn’t help but be inspired by the way they joyfully broke all the ‘rules’ of traditional clothing while mashing-up their wardrobes and being unapologetically themselves in their ensembles. My vision for StereoType is that it empowers kids to have the freedom to express themselves, brings forth their individuality, and encourages a more playful, creative, expressive sense of self. When I buy my twins clothing, I want them to be fun, comfortable, functional and kid-friendly,” added Brunner. “So I wanted this collection to embody those ideals as well.”

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