A Puerto Rico University Get’s It’s First Pizza ATM

Since Hurricane Maria on September 20, 2017 the United States appropriated $23 billion in direct aid and the Federal Emergency Management Agency has spent $6 billion for Puerto Rico from its standing emergency funds. Its six months later and only a fraction of the $23 billion in the “congressionally approved funds” have been spent in Puerto Rico. One has to wonder, how Puerto Ricans are surviving with the lack of resources and food.

Last week in Puerto Rico the first Pizza dispensing machine named the “Pizza ATM®” was launched on the main campus of UT Suagm. Some of the United States population may question the Pizza ATM® concept brought from France but it actually exists in a university in Ohio. In fact, the Pizza ATM® operates over 300 machines throughout Europe. Given the amount of weight it takes to transport one of the Pizza ATM® machines why are some Puerto Ricans still waiting for direct aid? 

If you have not heard of the Pizza ATM® it offers a 12-inch-diameter fresh craft pizza with restaurant quality in less than 3 minutes. The Pizza ATM® has a touch screen with the different types of pizza toppings include: cheese, pepperoni, chorizo, vegetables, bacon, “meat lover” and supreme. Here is some food for thought; included with each Pizza ATM® vending machine purchase is a 1-day machine Install and Machine Operation Training performed by a skilled TSS Technologies machine technician. It is requested that the customer provide (1) technician to assist in the installation that typically takes no longer than 4 hours. This training includes: General operation, user settings, oven settings, maintenance guidelines, and provide E-user manual. The Pizza ATM® features include:

  • HIGH CAPACITY: Hold 70 pizzas and the pizzas are up to 12 inches
  • TEMPERATURE CONTROLLED REFRIGERATION: Computer-assisted settings of cold storage temperatures and full remote communication
  • PROPRIETARY PERFORMANCE OVEN: Computer controlled, high performance, electric convection oven that offers advanced technologies for cooking and reheating
  • REAL-TIME ALERTS: Alerts are programmable for information such as: inventory, sales, receipt tape, cold-storage temperatures, etc…
  • STREAM MARKETING ITEMS: Display your personalized videos, slide-shows, or photos
  • DATA MANAGEMENT: Proprietary management system for data collection and analysis
  • CREDIT/ DEBIT CARD READY: Payment terminal for standard credit cards. Payment is only final when the pizza is delivered

Anyone else confused Puerto Rico can get a Pizza ATM® when they need so much more to recover from Hurricane Maria? We certainly are! Please all know Puerto Rico still needs donations and resources! To donate or to learn more about how you can help Hurricane Maria disaster relief for Puerto Rico please visit https://donatepuertorico.com/.

The Pizza ATM® may be coming to a University near you! At the rate the United States officials are operating Puerto Rico may need more Pizza ATM® machines for the time being. For more information about Pizza ATM® please visit: http://pizzaatminc.com/pizza-atm


Source: Pizza ATM®, https://donatepuertorico.com/