Clear Outex Housing: Waterproof Covers for SLR and DSLR Cameras

If you travel, do a lot of outdoor exploring or a photographer it is important to have your SRL and DSLR camera’s protected especially if water is included. Though there are a lot of cases on the market there aren’t that many that have transparent waterproof housing that allows you access to all your camera and len’s controls. Introducing one of the newest covers for cameras, the Clear Outex Housing Waterproof Covers for Cameras. Continue Reading →

Qüero: Handmade Spanish Shoes Designed with an App

Qüero are handmade Spanish shoes that are half the price of other handmade Spanish shoes. The other unique difference of Qüero handmade shoes is that you get to design your own shoes and on their app. Qüero brings you handmade leather shoes crafted by Spanish craftsmen who follow centuries-old traditions, tailored specifically to your sole and foot shape, through data you provide using the custom sizing app.   Continue Reading →

SOLOSOCKS 2.0™: The Solution To Missing Socks

The pain of the sock black hole may be solved with a new product called SOLOSOCKS 2.0™. Instead of trying to match your pairs of socks or throwing them away SOLOSOCKS 2.0™ may be the answer to the age old question ”What happened to the other sock?” Continue Reading →

The Apollo Watch: A Regulator Watch Inspired by Space

Apollo recently created 4 Limited Editions regulator watch models, all inspired by space, Solar system planets and their Satellites. The four Limited Edition regulator watches are Eclipse, Full Moon, Uranus and Neptune. Eclipse and Full Moon are now available. Continue Reading →

HURU: The Premium Quality, Expandable and Water-Resistant Backpack

Today HURU, the all-weather city and travel backpack, was launched on Kickstarter with a goal of $15,000 goal to be accomplished in 34 days. Continue Reading →

200° FOV 8K Virtual Reality Headset: The Most Graphically Advanced VR Experience in the World

Today Pimax, the creater the world’s first 4K VR headset, launched their Kickstarter campaign for their newest product, the 200° FOV 8K virtual reality headset. Pimax has a goal of $200,000 in funding on Kickstarter with prices starting at $399. Continue Reading →

Kickstarter Welcomes Japan

Not many of us in the US knew that Japan couldn’t launch a Kickstarter campaign till recently. In my opinion this should have happened sooner considering the very talented and innovative individuals that live in Japan.

Per their press release on September 12th artists, authors, filmmakers, musicians, designers, and creators of all types can now launch projects and find support from Kickstarter’s global community of backers. WELCOME TO KICKSTARTER JAPAN! Continue Reading →

The Spinbox: A DIY Portable Turntable Kit

Spinbox provides everything you need to build your own all-in-one portable turntable in half an hour. Your eyes did not deceive you, per Spinbox it truly does not take more than 30 minutes to build your DIY portable turntable. Continue Reading →

DC-Tri: The First Truly Universal Stand-Up Electric Trike

Launched yesterday by an Australian startup on Kickstarter the DC-Tri is a universal lightweight e-trike that doesn’t require pedaling, is maneuverable and has zero turning radius. It is engineered to be totally battery-powered using green energy. Continue Reading →

Air Lamp: The Levitating Portable Lamp

Air Lamp, the levitating lamp, just launched their Kickstarter campaign with a $50,000 goal to achieve by July 15th. The Air Lamp is the first portable levitating lamp to feature auto-levitating lift off technology. Continue Reading →