Product Review: Powramid® Power Center and USB Charging Station

As the school year is about to conclude most high school students that are the Class of 2017 are gearing up for their first year of college. For those moving into their first dorm room or on campus housing their summer will be spent shopping for their first place.

I recall my summer after graduating high school shopping non-stop with my best friend for our very first place. Oddly as much time as we spent shopping we didn’t think about buying a surge protector or an extension cord until we moved in and realized we only had two electrical outlets. Clearly not enough for two people.

There are several different surge protector and USB charging stations on the market but not nearly as unique as the Powramid® Power Center and USB Charging Station I recently received to review.

The Powramid® Power Center and USB Charging Station has 6 electrical outlets PLUS 2 USB ports! The dual USB charging ports provide 2.1A charging for USB powered devices like mobile phones, tablets or portable music players. Another feature I like about the Powramid® Power Center and USB Charging Station is it’s heavy duty 6 foot power cord.

The Powramid® Power Center and USB Charging Station comes in two colors,  white or black. and is priced at $34.99.

The Powramid® Power Center and USB Charging Station provides advanced 1080 Joules of surge protection and features patented X3 MOV (Metal Oxide Varistor) technology. This technology provides safe protection by detecting surge conditions and reacts by directing excess energy away from equipment through the electrical grounding system. The MOV’s are encased in a fireproof material, fully containing the heat created by the power surge and eliminating the threat of fire.

The Powramid® Power Center and USB Charging Station also has power stop technology which automatically stops conducting power once the Powramid’s absorption has reached capacity.

The Powramid® Power Center and USB Charging Station is ideal for those going away to college or their first apartment but also great for your desk at work. For more information or to buy the Powramid® Power Center and USB Charging Station click here, you will not be disappointed!


Source: Accell Cables

Product Review: ExoGear's EcoCarbon Waterproof and Floatable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Summer time is fast approaching and it’s time to start gearing up for your vacations or summer events. The kind people at Ecoxgear recently sent me their floatable EcoCarbon water proof and shock proof Bluetooth speaker plus LED flashlight to review.What’s in the Box?

  • USB cord
  • USB to AC USB Power Adapter (AC): USB to AC 100-240V, 5V 1.0A
  • Carabiner Clip
  • Integrated LED Flashlight

After unboxing the speaker I was rather impressed with the aesthetics of it and how light in weight it is at only 1.9 lbs . Though the EcoCarbon is classified as a rugged device the casing is very stylish and does not look rugged at all.

The EcoCarbon was not charged when it arrived so the first thing to do after unboxing was charging it. The air tight compartment located on the back of the speaker contains the input/ output jack, 3.5mm jack, USB port and the on/off power switch. The EcoCarbon has a built in lithium rechargeable battery that has up to 12 hours of play or talk time. It also has an integrated LED flashlight and can charge any USB devices.

On top of the EcoCarbon it has the control buttons which consist the power, Bluetooth pairing, volume controls and the speakerphone answer buttons.

After the EcoCarbon speaker was fully charged I powered it on to start pairing it with my iPhone. The EcoCarbon’s Bluetooth universal A2DP Core 5 by CSR connects to any Bluetooth device. Pairing the speaker was pretty simple by just going into my Bluetooth settings and pressing connect. Once connected I started to play my Pandora stations to test out the integrated full range stereo speakers. The sound quality was amazing!

I decided I needed to test out the EcoCarbon’s in and out of water to see the difference between the two. Since I’m a David Bowie fan and also because the beginning of the song “Let’s Dance” has great audio introduction.

My first test was indoors and I had the volume on max.

Next I tested it out in the water.

Notice how there is not much difference between the two.

The EcoCarbon is this summer’s must haves with its great audio quality plus it’s floatable. It’s currently $129.99 on their site and to purchase or for more information click here.


Source: EcoCarbon, David Bowie’s “Let’s Dance!”, EcoXGear

EverQuote- The New Way to Shop for Auto Insurance

Comparison shopping for auto insurance is not on my list of top fun things to do. It use to be agonizing to do comparison shopping for auto insurance and worse when you buy a new car at the dealership and don’t have the tools needed to shop around. Fortunately a new start up, EverQuote™, is your new go to when shopping around for auto insurance nationally.  Recent studies have indicated that only 5% of drivers pay less than $50 a month for car insurance. Did you know that if you use EverQuote™ for your comparison shopping you may receive a large discount. Also, if you are currently insured and live in a qualified ZIP code you may get an extremely high discount.

What is EverQuote™?

EverQuote is a quantitative internet marketing firm focused on applying sophisticated mathematics and enterprise class technology to our online customer acquisition programs. Their mathematically driven multi-channel campaign management and optimization platform delivers the high quality, scalable connections to auto insurance consumers. Note that EverQuote™ is an independent insurance marketplace and is not affiliated with any specific insurance carrier or any financial institution.

How do I get started?

Simply go to EverQuote™‘s site and enter in your zip code. It takes 3 simple steps to get your quote and start saving money.  The first page you will be directed to requires you to fill out primary information about your car.

The next step will be filing out your primary driver information. Note you can add more than one driver by clicking the “additional driver” tab.

The last step is adding information about your current insurance company and contact information.

After you click the “Show My Quotes” tab you will be directed to the page with your quotes according to the information you provided. The quote page should look like this, if not you may need to start over but the process is super simple and doubt you would need to do that.

EverQuote also has a driving app called EverDrive that helps drivers across the nation become safer behind the wheel. EverDrive runs in the background on iOS and Android phones and automatically detects when you’re driving. EverDrive is fun and free way to track your driving habits and find out what you can change to be safer on the road, all while competing with your friends and family. Drivers using the EverDrive App are given a star rating for each trip and can view their average score (out of 100 points). Leaderboards allow for drivers to see how they stack up against drivers in their city or town.

I think EverQuote™ is an amazing site and app that will help you save money on auto insurance. I just tried the site personally and sure enough I found out I am over paying for insurance. If you like to save money and looking for a site that can help you compare and shop different insurance companies EverQuote™ is your solution.


Source: EverQuote™,

New Three-Wheel Electric “Personal Mobility System” Announced – The Transboard

Mercane Wheels recently introduced version 2.0 of the Transboard, its advanced, 3-wheel foldable electric scooter that combines speed, stability and safety,  The Transboard can reach high speeds of 22MPH and provides up to 25 miles of travel on one charge.

Last week Mercane Wheels announced their new Indiegogo campaign for the Transboard which has a funding goal of $30,000 USD. They also launched on Indiegogo the limited Early Bird specials of $499.00 USD (60% off retail) and several other rewards for early backers.

The Transboard is built with an aluminum alloy frame, a polycarbonate cover and an innovative, one-gesture folding system that makes it light and easy to transport when not in use. The Transboard offers users best-in-class driving stability and performance with its 3-wheel self-balancing system, L-Double Link suspension and a 500 Watt BLDC HUB Motor.  With an Electric Driving Control System and a 48V 8.6Ah battery, users will experience stable acceleration, great braking performance and the ability to ride for up to 25 miles on one full charge (takes 6 hours to fully charge)!

Transboard’s Total Features Include:

•       One-Gesture Folding System: easy “take-with-you” convenience when not riding the Transboard.
•       Aluminum Alloy Frame: holds riders weighing up to 220 pounds.
•       3-wheel System: no complicated instructions or specialized training needed to ride Transboard.
•       Double Wishbone Suspension: delivers great driving stability on dirt roads.
•       Spinning L-Double Link Suspension: delivers driving power and disperses shock to driving direction.
•       Electric Driving Control System: provides stable acceleration and high braking performance.
•       48V 8.6Ah Battery: provides up to 25 miles of distance in one full charge (6 hours to fully charge).
•       48V 500W BLDC HUB motor delivers more power and higher efficiency.
•       Polycarbonate Cover: protects the Transboard from external shock and helps maintain its glossy, beautiful color and stylish lines.
•       LED Display & Function Button: helps conveniently control power ON/OFF, cruise mode, headlight
ON/OFF and horn, etc.•       LED Head & Tail Lights: helps ensure safe driving conditions during night time.
•       Detachable Battery Case: allows riders to recharge wherever they go.
•       Colors: Gloss Black and White.
•       Max Speed: 22 MPH
•       Weight: 53lbs

I think this is one of the coolest electric scooters I’ve seen and hope they have a successful campaign so they can send me one to do a product review of it! If you would like more information on Mercane Wheel’s Transboard click here and if you would like to back their Indiegogo campaign click here.


PRODUCT REVIEW: RapidX Finish Line Gaming and Lifestyle Chair

Product reviews and unboxings are one of my favorite things about writing for technology and so I jumped at the opportunity to review the RapidX Finish Line Gaming and Lifestyle Chair. A majority of the American population roughly spends between 7 -10 hours in front of a PC a day. Considering that many hours isn’t it smart to invest in the right chair that is not only comfortable but stylish? If that is what you’re looking for I found the perfect Gaming and Lifestyle Chair to fit your needs!

Introducing the RapidX Finish Line Gaming and Lifestyle Chair!

When I received the RapidX at my front door I did not realize how big of a box it would be or how heavy. I decided to do the unboxing in my garage instead since there is NO way I could get it up to my second floor.

I made several attempts of doing video unboxings and most of which were bloopers. I then decided I should do a video me building the chair out and that also was a fail.

It was fairly easy to assemble but it definitely requires reading the instructions which I never do. The only hiccup I had when assembling the chair was getting the screws in that connect the chair together which was the first step embarrassingly.  

The RapidX Finish Line Gaming and Lifestyle Chair has professional a harness bucket seat with the feel of an orthopedic chair. Its “checkered pattern” and “double color stitching” hides an orthopedic secret that makes this gaming and lifestyle chair surpasses expectations with durability and comfort plus it still makes you look cool.

RapidX uses a less cost-efficient but more mindful and supportive alternative: molded inserts. By constructing its padding out of dense polyurethane foam, RapidX has endowed the Finish Line with another quality of F-1 racing seats. How awesome is that?! I do have to admit the RapidX Finish Line Gaming and Lifestyle Chair is VERY comfortable. I can see this being a must have for gamers, especially for those that game for a long amount of time.

The RapidX Finish Line Gaming and Lifestyle Chair features removable lumbar and neck support pillows that can be raised, lowered, or removed based on your preferences. It also has multi-directional adjustable armrests that can be raised or lowered by three inches, slide forward and sideways, and be positioned in three different angles. 

It reclines from 85 to 165 degrees which is said beats out most other chairs on the market currently. When going in for a turbo recline, remove the lumbar support, fasten the neck support pillow, and use the car seat style lever to drop down as far as you desire. I can only imagine how hilarious it would be to use the “Turbo Recline” feature in a business meeting.

RapidX Finish Line Gaming and Lifestyle Chair is currently $349.00 and you can purchase it on their site located here. Below are the product specifications and features of the Rapid X that you can also find on their site.  If you are a gamer or spend countless hours sitting in front of your PC I strongly suggest to look into the RapidX Finish Line Gaming and Lifestyle Chair.

RapidX Finish Line Gaming and Lifestyle Chair Specifications and Features:

  • Ergonomically designed
  • Checker-patterned backrest reminiscent of finish line flags
  • Locking tilt mechanism designed to emulate car seat recliners
  • Deep bucket seat inspired by professional racing seats
  • High-quality molded polyurethane foam core inserts
  • Removable 10×7-inch colored lumbar and neck support pillows
  • Lift cylinder adjusts seat height from 14.17 to 16.5 inches
  • Double colored stitching along the sides
  • Angled color piping to enhance sporty appearance
  • Armrests adjust from 11.8 to 14.5 inches in height
  • 3D-adjustable PVC armrests with three directional settings
  • 85-155 degree angle recline adjuster
  • Durable and stylized PVC leather
  • Detachable neck and lumbar support pillows included
  • 20.8-inch black aluminum star base with 2-inch (60mm) rim-style casters
  • 21-inch seat width; 18-inch backrest width
  • Supports up to 265lbs  (100-150kgs)
  • Weight: 48lbs  (25kgs)


PRODUCT REVIEW: The Space Scooter

I was asked to review a Space Scooter® recently and had a bit of a chuckle at the request. For those that know me can concur that I am a royal klutz; the review was already deemed to be a comical event before the product was in hand!

What is a Space Scooter®?

It’s a portable kick scooter, duh! What makes this scooter more unique than the rest of the kick scooters out on the market is that the Space Scooter® is powered by a unique “Pump & Go” action which allows you to ride with both feet on board. The “Pump & Go” action makes the scooter faster than a normal scooter, easier and more compact than an average bicycle.

When I received the Space Scooter® not only was I stoked to try something new out that isn’t “smart” but I was super excited to unbox it and start playing with it. The unboxing and assembly was effortless; in fact no assembly required besides taking off the plastic and snapping it into a standing position.

My next obstacle was trying to ride the Space Scooter®. Again, I am a klutz so this was not only a personal challenge but a great comedy show for onlookers watching my poor attempt. I actually had family members suggest I wear my motorcycle helmet before even stepping on the Space Scooter.

Doesn’t it seem a tad over the top and looks ridiculous?! To be honest you should wear a bike regular helmet when riding it as a safety precaution.

Riding the Space Scooter actually wasn’t that hard once you got going and have a nice rhythm down. I even had my 9 year old niece try it out and she caught on to it WAY faster than I. She also used the brakes unlike myself while riding it; I was more about the crash landings.

The Space Scooter® comes in two models; the Junior X360 (for ages 5-8) and X580 (for ages 8+ and up to 200lbs). The Junior is priced at $99.00 and the X580 is $149.00 on their site. Shipping is always free but if you want to go to an actual store and check it out before purchasing it click here for the store locator.

I have had a ton of fun reviewing this scooter and it certainly is an attention getter. If you are in the market for a convertible kick scooter I strongly suggest checking out the Space Scooter®.

The New Logitech Spotlight Presentation Remote Review

Last week Logitech gave me a demo of the new Logitech Spotlight Presentation Remote and I posted the original article on my sister site Unfortunately we may have made an enemy in cyber world because the article got hacked and botched. Since I pride myself on tenacity I am reposting the recovered and rewritten article on Hi-Tech Chic!

Before the demo Logitech sent me one to test out. When I unboxed it I immediately notice the sleek and sexy look of what may be the best looking presentation remote out there. Once you pick up Logitech Spotlight Presentation Remote you will quickly notice how light weight it is and also how well ergonomically it fits in your hand.

I didn’t know if the Logitech Spotlight Presentation Remote was fully charged so the first thing I did was plug it in via USB to my PC. While it was charging I downloaded the software which is critical to install to use the remote. It didn’t take much time to say the least. Logitech really had quickness in mind while developing this product for a variety of reasons. One being the installation and second it has a quick charge of just one minute.

When you install the Logitech Spotlight Presentation Remote software you are able to customize your presentation preferences like time management alerts where you will receive a vibration 5min before the end of the presentation to always be on time. The Logitech Spotlight Presentation Remote has more advanced functions like volume control with hand gestures and users can also customize their buttons.

More advanced features include 3D cursor control to play video or open links and it can magnify the object the spotlight is focused on. That to me was one of the coolest features especially when it comes to presenting spreadsheets since numbers can tend to blur together after a while. The Logitech Spotlight Presentation Remote charge lasts for 3 hours of presentation and the battery last up to 3 months. It also has a long range of 30 meters (100 feet).

The Logitech Spotlight Presentation Remote was also announced to be TEDs New Preferred Remote.

Logitech Spotlight Presentation Remote is currently available from Logitech and Apple for a suggested retail price of $129.99, and will be available from additional retailers worldwide in March. I strongly suggest checking it out especially if you are in finance, the Logitech Spotlight Presentation Remote could be your new best friend!

Below is the official press release from last week with more information about the Logitech Spotlight Presentation Remote.

LAUSANNE, Switzerland and NEWARK, Calif. Feb. 1, 2017 Today Logitech (SIX: LOGN) (NASDAQ: LOGI) announced a complete reinvention of presentation control with the Logitech Spotlight Presentation Remote. Unlike the traditional slide clicker or laser pointer of the past, Spotlight is designed to help you become a more confident presenter. Spotlight is an advanced tool that goes well beyond laser pointing, and enables you to highlight and magnify on-screen content in an engaging and powerful way so you can better underscore your point.

Tweet now: Play it. Show it. Time it. Crush it. @Logitech introduces Spotlight Presentation Remote for confident presenting. Learn More:

Presentations are nerve-wracking, said Marcel Stolk, senior vice president of the Creativity and Productivity business group at Logitech. For most, the main stumbling block is a lack of confidence we just get nervous. Spotlight is easier to use and, most importantly, gives you new ways to engage your audience versus a hard-to-see laser pointer.

Spotlight is a new standard in presentation control. It allows you to effortlessly navigate slides and interact with on-screen content from up to 100 feet away. With the advanced pointer system you can highlight and magnify points on your slide in pixel-perfect detail, so the audience stays engaged throughout your talk. Spotlight also has mouse-like cursor control to play videos and open links, and unlike a laser, the cursor and highlights are visible to both a live audience and those on a video conference.

Spotlight pairs with a powerful app so you can set the stage even before your presentation begins. In the app you can toggle pointer mode, set timed vibration alerts or activate more advanced functions like volume control with hand gestures. What’s more, the app will be updated with additional features over time, so you’ll always have access to the latest in presentation functionality with Spotlight.

We know how important reliable technology is for helping speakers feel confident on stage, said Lisa Choi Owens, head of global partnerships at TED. Using technologies like Logitech Spotlight allows our speakers to focus on their talks, and deliver ideas worth spreading.

Logitech Spotlight also connects instantly via USB receiver or Bluetooth Smart technology. It is plug-and-play on most devices and compatible with all popular presentation apps. Plus, it features smart recharging one minute of charge gives three hours of use so you will never be caught off guard.

Logitech and TED plan to launch a worldwide search for aspiring communicators who will be invited to participate in an exclusive Spotlight Presentation Academy at the TED Theater in New York. Armed with a Spotlight presentation remote, attendees will have the opportunity to work with industry experts to enhance their presentation skills. Through this program, the two companies aim to inspire and support communities of presenters and idea-sharers worldwide. More details regarding the search will be announced in the coming weeks.


Logitech Spotlight Presentation Remote is available today from Logitech and Apple for a suggested retail price of $129.99, and will be available from additional retailers worldwide in March. For more information about the products features and functionality, please visit, our blog or connect with us on Facebook.

About Logitech

Logitech designs products that have an everyday place in people’s lives, connecting them to the digital experiences they care about. Over 30 years ago, Logitech started connecting people through computers, and now its designing products that bring people together through music, gaming, video and computing. Founded in 1981, Logitech International is a Swiss public company listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange (LOGN) and on the Nasdaq Global Select Market (LOGI). Find Logitech at, the company blog or @Logitech.


Product Review: JETJAT ULTRA Mini Drone

jetjat-collageI feel like 2016 was the year of drones, well at least for me anyhow. They were all over the place during SXSW and ACL festivals in Austin; you could look up and see at least 20 drones. Not to mention I too own a medium sized drone.

Mota sent me their JETJAT ULTRA drone which is the world’s easiest drone to fly. It’s specifically designed for all ages starting at 8 years old for ease of use young or mature. When I got the JETJAT I immediately had to unbox it; who doesn’t like a little drone fun during the work day? I decided I wanted to record the unboxing so everyone could see for themselves how small the JETJAT drone really is.

When you unbox it you will notice that the drone is docked on the remote it comes with which makes it very portable to go anywhere. The JETJAT ULTRA mini drone fits in the palm of your hand with a weight of 7.2 ounces and the dimension of 3.5 x 3.1 x 1.7 inches. It has a 640 x 480 HQ Camera that can record high quality videos and take photos while in the air.

The JETJAT ULTRA drone comes with 4 propellers, Accelerometer and 6-axis Gyroscope, 4 Channel Controller with 3 Speed Modes, and remote with adjustable grips and dock for your smartphone and the  JETJAT ULTRA drone. The  JETJAT ULTRA has a 5 minute air time and can go up to 100 feet. The JETJAT also live streams to your phone, can do aerial flips, and has a powerful thrust coupled with some never before seen new features. The  JETJAT ULTRA also has been integrated with Mota’s latest product, the TAMO C-Future Virtual Reality Headset. In the app simply turn on VR mode and your phone is ready to be placed into the VR headset for virtual flight.

controlAfter unboxing you will need to add AAA batteries and to charge the drone with the USB cable that comes with the drone.  During that time I suggest downloading the JETJAT ULTRA app so you are ready for lift off after its done charging. When the JETJAT ULTRA is finished charging you will need to turn it on and set up the Wi-Fi for it. To set up your Wi-Fi for the drone go to your WiFi settings and there should be an option to connect directly to the drone, note that it must be turned on for your to connect your WiFi to it. Now you’re set for lift off!

To lift off go to the JETJAT ULTRA app and click play once you get to the app. You will be taken to a screen with your menu options up top that include photo, video, playback, speed, gravity, 360 flip, balance, reverse and controls tabs. Below the menu is your flying remote control with VR and the takeoff and landing buttons. This will be used as the remote control for your drone.

Once you’re ready press the takeoff button and your drone will immediately lift up then hover till you start using the controls to fly it. You can also press the takeoff button and throw the drone in the air, it will hover in the air till you start using the controls to navigate it.

When I tested out the JETJAT ULTRA drone it was very easy to lift off and I started recording it as soon as it was in the air. Unfortunately I am a horrible driver to a point where people don’t want me driving them anywhere. I’m also not so great at all the driving video games so I was interested to see how my driving skills were with a drone. As you can see from the videos below I had a few crash landings and finally landed it. It was very easy to fly somewhat except my navigation skill are also not so great so there were a few “”running into the wall” instances. Excuse the mess, I’m decorating for the holidays.

Auto Landing

Crash Landing

I tried the throwing it in the air takeoff and the first 10 times I threw the JETJAT ULTRA it would drop straight to the ground. I also tried the 360 aerial flip which was easier to do vs. throwing it in the air lift off!

All in all it has been fun testing out this tiny little drone. I think it’s perfect for those who like to fly them indoors and for kids due to its ease of use. It starts around $107.00 on Amazon not including shipping. If you would like to purchase the JETJAT ULTRA on Amazon click here and it you want more information about Mota’s JETJAT ULTRA drone click here.

For your entertainment and giggles here is JETJAT ULTRA Save-A-Drone Flight Safety poster and my unboxing blooper. Happy Tuesday Hi-Tech Chic fans!

Mota’s Safety Poster


Without further ado…

Blooper video of unboxing Mota’s JETJAT ULTRA


Product Review: Rowkin's™ New Mini Wireless Bluetooth® 4.1 Stereo Earbuds

The World’s Smallest Wireless Bluetooth Headphones with Mic and Portable Charging Case have arrived! Rowkin sent me their new Mini Wireless Bluetooth® Earbuds to test out for Cutegeek and Hi-Tech Chic. When I unboxed them I was pleasantly surprised! It was an exciting moment for me since I haven’t had truly wireless stereo earbuds with no cord connecting the earbuds. I couldn’t wait to check them out.row-penny

When you receive the earbuds the package will include: TWO (2) Rowkin Bit wireless earbuds to operate in the stereo Bluetooth headphones mode, various earbud tips, and the patented dual-earbud conductive portable charging system. The battery in the wireless headphones allows up to 3 hours for music and calls on a single charge. The small lipstick size portable charger can fully recharge the Bluetooth headset twice, providing additional 4-6 hours worth of music or talk time. budsAfter you unbox the charger and the earbuds you will need to attach both earbuds to the opposite ends of the charger to get a good charge before you begin pairing and syncing them via Bluetooth to your mobile device. Once charged take them off the charger and turn them both on making sure the earbuds are next to each other so they can sync with each other. Your smart device should be able to detect via Bluetooth and once found click connect.

I’ve been testing these out for a couple weeks now and I love them! The magnetic case is just what every wireless electronic should have. I thought for sure that I would have lost them by now but I have not due to this ingenious portable charger.

I walk almost everyday about 5-8 miles rain or shine around Lady Bird Lake in Austin, Texas. On the days when it was hot and I was perspiring during my walk they stayed in my ears and the sound was not distorted because a little bit of sweat got on them. I also walked in the rain one day when I forgot to bring my umbrella on my walk. The rain was coming in direction and even though the earbuds where clearly wet they worked just fine.

I found very few glitches and they only seem to happen when your battery is low. For instance, I was at 40% battery life and all the sudden one earbud would turn off and then slowly come back on. It’s an odd glitch and maybe I have some settings wrong and it’s just a user error.

Besides all these fantastic product specs above, below is even more great features of the Mini Wireless Bluetooth® 4.1 Stereo Earbuds.

  • ACTIVATE SIRI, VOICE COMMANDS, AND UNPARALLELED SOUND QUALITY: Siri is just a touch away via the main button on either of the cordless earbuds.
  • SMART MULTIPOINT CONNECTIVITY: Each wireless headset can connect with two Bluetooth source devices simultaneously. If you are streaming music from your iPad, and receive an incoming call on your iPhone, the wireless earphones will recognize this and allow you to take the call.
  • DESIGNED FOR SPORT: The WaterSafe nano coating technology is sweatproof, water resistant, and IPX5 waterproof.
  • Compatible with iPhone 7/7 Plus/6s/6s Plus/6/6 Plus/SE/5s/5/4s/iPod/iPad/iPad Mini/iPad Pro/Macbook/Macbook Air/Macbook Pro/iMac/Mac Pro/Mac Mini/Samsung Galaxy S7/S6/S5/S4/S6 Edge/Edge+/Note 7/6/5/4/3/Edge/Android/Windows/tablets/laptops/computers.

The Mini Wireless Bluetooth® 4.1 Stereo Earbuds are roughly $110.00 and can be bought on by clicking here.  It’s a great gift for the holidays for the avid athlete or constantly on the go.

Product Review: JayBird FREEDOM Wireless Earbuds


Love it

We are in a time where we are all migrating to wireless especially since the iPhone 7 does not have a 3.5mm jack. There are rumors that all consumer electronics will be wireless sooner than we thought. That said I have been reviewing more wireless products since that announcement and my favorite so far has been the JayBird Wireless Buds.jay

The JayBird Wireless Buds are micro-sized, sweat-proof premium metal buds that offer superior audio performance rivaling with the best in wired headphones thus far. I walk 5+ miles about 3 to 4 times a week in Austin, Texas and durable plus reliable wireless ear buds are key in this 100 degree heat.

What JayBird Wireless Buds offer is 8 hours of play time with on-the-go listen-while-you-charge mobile charging (4 Hrs on-board + 4 Hrs with the included Charging Clip). The 4 hour charging clip has been my saving grace when I decide to walk more than just 5 miles and music grove to walk more. The patented secure-fit buds are ready for anything you can dish out on the trail, on the streets, in the gym or on the slopes. I don’t ski and for good reason but I can attest that these buds are not only durable but the sound quality withstands most elements.jayb2

The only issue I had with these earbuds was the wire connecting booth earbuds would tangle in my hair since its short. My solution was to wear them with the wire in the front. On a positive note this also was a great solution for people coming up to me talking thinking I don’t have earbuds on. jayb

If it’s not obvious I love the JayBird Wireless Buds and a staple in my everyday life since music is something I wake up to, work to and sleep to.

For a limited time and just in time for your holiday gift buying season the JayBird Wireless Bud are now at the low price of $149.95 for a limited time by using the user code: FREE149 and expires 10/02/2016.


For your viewing pleasure here is the product review video:

To learn more about the smallest wireless buds or purchase the JayBird Wireless Buds click here. Cheers to all my music fans and keep rockin’ with JayBird Wireless Buds!

If you have scrolled down this far you  should at least see my blooper video of the JayBird Wireless Buds product review where I hit slow-mo instead of video. It sure does make earbuds look sexy since everything is always better in slow-mo!


tekI’ve been listening to rap most of my life time and I honestly don’t know the correct vernacular referencing a newly released song or rap or album. Maybe I should create my own word so-rap-bum?!

One of my newest technology pal, musician and Emsee TEKFORCE just released another new song named “011” featuring Halo Sama” that you guys should check out.

In August I also covered TEKFORCE’s other new single called RetroDreaming and you can find the article here. For more information on performances and new “so-rap-bums” (my new music term) click here.


New Pages on Hi-Tech Chic: Videos and Gag Reels

New pagesToday I published two more pages on the Hi-Tech Chic site; Videos and Gag Reel. After 7 years of writing for technology I realized I have more videos than I thought I did. It also reminded me of how much fun I have had working for Cutegeek, Examiner and now Hi-Tech Chic (my own company).

The Videos Page covers events I’ve attended, unboxings and product demos. To see the new Videos Page just click here!

The Gag Reels are just that, funny bloopers of me messing up a product demo or unboxing or just being silly. I promise it will make you laugh! To view the Gag Reels click here.

This is just the beginning of what I hope to be a long career writing for technology.Thanks to all the followers and fans! There is more to come in 2016!

Guide for Geek Travelers 2016

How many times have you missed a flight or delayed and the connecting terminal is all the way on the opposite side of the airport? Before the trip you thought having a carry on would be more convenient but as your sprint through the airport it now seems like not a smooth move. On top of that your playing frogger going around people at the airport who walk leisurely. I think I have solved your luggage dilemmas.

Introducing the MODOBAG The World’s First Motorized Rideable Luggage

MODObag 2

If you are like me I like to book it as fast as possible to the connecting flight in fear of missing it.  The MODOBAG luggage may resolve my traveling issues and get to my connecting flight easier since the MODOBAG goes 8 MPH. The MODOBAG combines the convenience of a standard suitcase with the innovation of personal transportability, GPRS-GSM tracking, and dual USB charging ports which makes it the world’s only motorized, smart and connected carry-on that gets you to your destination three times faster than the average walking speed.

Does this clear through customs? Indeed it does pass the TSA carry on guiedlines. To learn more about the MODOBAG or purchase a MODOBAG click here. Below are the features and specification for the MODOBAG

Mechanical Features and Specifications

  • Motor – Belt Driven, Maintenance-Free, High Torque 150 Watt Electric
  • Top Speed – 8 MPH
  • Speed Control – Indoor and Outdoor Settings
  • Thumb Action Throttle
  • State-of-the-Art Lightweight Lithium Batteries
  • Range – over 6 Miles (based on 180 lb rider)
  • 80% charge in 15 minutes
  • Battery Life – over 4,000 full charge cycles
  • UL approved Smart Charger
  • Dual Wheel Braking System
  • High Performance CNC-Machined, Sealed-Bearing Steering Column
  • Telescoping Aluminum Handlebar Assembly

The Joey Everyday Carry JacketTravel Jacket

The Joey Everyday Carry Jacket is the most resourceful jacket with several different customized pockets for your electronics. When I first saw The Joey Everyday Carry Jacket via email the first thing I thought was Marty McFly’s in Back to the Future 2. I believe this product is probably the closest we will get to Marty’s jacket currently.

The Joey has 6 pockets that are different sizes for your different electronics. The Joey comes in two different fabrics, the Sturdy Waterproof Jacket or the Sweatshirt that both have similar features. I received the Sturdy Waterproof jacket to review and LOVED it. Talk about perfect timing because it was during Austin’s rain season so I got to test out how waterproofed it was first hand.  It was a rainy day but I had to go on my daily walk so I put on the jacket and headed out in the torrential rain. It was perfect and I stayed dry for the most part. It’s also very light and doesn’t take much room at all in your luggage.


EnerPlex Jumpr Slate 10K

Charger 3

The EnerPlex Jumpr Slate 10K is a power bank that has up to 16 hours of talk time. What makes this power bank different from others on the market right now is you can charge several devices like Samsung® AndroidGSM & CDMA phones and tablets, iPhones, iPads, action cameras, GPS, iPods and more. This is perfect for traveling if you have multiple devices and it’s very light.

The EnerPlex Jumpr Slate 10K made me a popular lady at E3, SXSW, and Comic Con since it can charge 2 devices at the same time. Also your devices don’t have to be one brand or another to charge extra electronics just don’t forget your lighting cord.

Mechanical Features and Specifications:

Product Dimensions:213mm(8.39″)/139.6mm(5.47″)/6.67mm(0.26″)
Additional Information:User manuals, data sheets, and other supporting documents can be found in the ‘Downloads and Support Tab’
Battery Capacity:10,000 mAh
Battery Type:Lithium-Polymer
Recharge By:Micro USB
Input:Micro USB Port
Output:Dual USB-A Ports
Power Output:2.4 Amps
Warranty:1 Year

Stowaway Cosmetics


Stowaway Cosmetics are a line of makeup in sizes you can carry on with you in the plane. Stowaway Cosmetics the right-sized makeup since it’s half the size and half the price of other brands on the market. I received the Essential Eye Palette to test out specially since I travel allot lately. It’s very light, the shades are beautiful and it’s the size of a credit card.

Stowaway Cosmetics are great for ladies who travel a lot and going through security check. Each time I tend to lose a beauty product due to the ounces (Thanks TSA). I have traveled with the Stowaway Cosmetics Essential Eye Palette a couple time already and it made me realize, what in the world have I been doing carrying around my huge eye shadow compact?

The STM Grace deluxe sleeve/ tote

STM Tote

The STM Grace deluxe sleeve/ tote is perfect for traveling with your electronic devices. the STM Grace deluxe sleeve/ tote is small, colorful but not too colorful, and the inside has protective foam plus it’s very plush. It has leather straps which makes me feel like this is a sturdy purse. The STM Grace deluxe sleeve/ tote has a magnetized front flap and a zipper for the smaller pocket.

The Grace’s main compartment can fit up to the 15 inch MacBook Pro and the front can carry a smartphone or any other small accessories. I tried it with my Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 and it fit perfectly.

Safe Travels Everyone!

*Quotes and pictures are from MODOBAG, TRAVEL JACKET, STOWAWAY, 

Review: Celeste Prayer Bowl

Pray 2

When I was diagnosed with Pan Ulcerative Colitis (UC) I relied on myself will, friends and family prayers or well wishes for support. It was because of all of them I persevered. There were days I was in so much pain all I could think is “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me (Philippians 4:13).” Though I seldom go to church since I travel allot I do pray for all of my loved ones health or strength through good and hard times.

Recently I’ve been undergoing another UC attack and major chest/ lung issues which truthfully has been exhausting. I got the Celeste Bowl prayer bowl in the mail randomly. I’m not sure who sent it but I THANK YOU; my eyes watered of appreciation and thoughtfulness. I had never heard of a prayer bowl before so I had to look into what it all meant.

Prayer Bowl

The creator, Karen Berry, of this unique prayer bowl had a similar situation and created this beautiful bowls to pray for your loved ones or anyone else that needs a prayer. The one I received was the “Celeste Bowl” it has a intricate cross in the middle five hand-applied Swarovski Crystals, gold-scalloped edges, and around the edge it read Romans 12:12 “Rejoicing in hope, patient in tribulation, continuing steadfast in prayer” scrolls around the delicate edges of the prayer bowl including bundle of Prayer Cards is included.Pray

The purpose of the prayer bowl is each day you put who you pray for and at the end of the day all prayer requested are prayed for.  When anyone in my family sick or down on their luck we pray and it gives me some peace and serenity during a difficult time. It’s a great reminder to help or pray for those daily. The Prayer Bowl also has an app that you can use if you are out traveling and have a prayer request or if you want to pray for a loved one from afar.

Prayer Bowl 2


My first prayer request was for the family and friends who were impacted by the Orlando shooting.

My second is for those suffering with Crohn’s or Colitis and to give them strength and DON’T GIVE UP. Where’s there is a will there is a way.

Below is the creator, Karen Berry, and story of her Prayer Bowls. Such an amazing lady! If you are interested in her prayer bowls click here; they are absolutely beautiful and reminds you to think of and pray for others.

“I am a believer in the power of prayer. A few years ago I was extremely sick. Family, friends, and even strangers lifted me up to God in prayer as I went through many surgeries, procedures and treatments.

One day, I was again amazed by Christ showing His love through others: a woman named Angie whom I had never met before told me that she had prayed daily for me for a year. She went on to share that she kept a prayer bowl, and each day, she’d ask the Lord’s blessing on the people who were in need at that time. I loved the idea so much that I quickly decided to create a distinctive prayer bowl for myself and a few others, and with that, Prayer Bowls were born.

So many times we hear of a prayer request at church, Bible study, or even through email, and we pray for, lift up those friends in need to the Lord.”

Ironically I’m not in remission with my Pan Ulcerative Colitis (UC) and this just happened to show up at my front door step and a blessing in disguise. Sometimes when you are ill focusing on helping others provides serenity to an otherwise rough time.

Thank you Karen Berry and whomever sent me this prayer bowl. Its gifts like these to remind us to fight, pray, and help others.

My Chargers and Me

Charger 3Yesterday I posted an article on in regards to smart phone chargers. Since my pictures were too large I was unable to add these pictures to the article. I decided to post on Hi-Tech Chic some of these cool pictures of the chargers that were not included in the article. My favorite of these all is the myCharge STYLEPOWER and EnerPlex Jumpr Slate 10K.

When I was at SV ComicCon the EnerPlex Jumpr Slate 10K made me a popular lady since it can charge 2 devices at the same time. I became “that girl” with the power! The myCharge STYLEPOWER is something I use daily because of the design, size, and its light weight.

For those who have not seen the article you can find it here along with the review of Mophie Juice Pack Air, Mophie power reserve 1X, Nomad Road Trip, myCharge STYLEPOWER, Flip 20 Recharger and EnerPlex Jumpr Slate 10K . Enjoy the slide show!


Charger 2

mophie 3

Chargers 1

Goal Zero

NEW PICTURES of my Dell Rugged Lab Tour with Mike Libecki

Dell 5Last week I did a post on my Dell Rugged Lab Tour with National Geographic explorer-climber Mike Libecki on SF Examiner. Unfortunately due to their media files guidelines I was not able to add all the fun pictures and videos. Fortunately for your viewing pleasure here are all the pictures and videos that did not get posted with Examiner.

For those that didn’t get a chance to check out my article on the Dell Rugged Lab Tour with Mike Libecki on SF Examiner you can click here!


Dell 7



Dell R



My Fashion Schwag at SXSW and Silicon Valley Comic Con

SXSW ComicCon

As Hi-Tech Chic continues to grow we have had more people asking us to review or use their products during different technology events.  This year for SXSW and SV Comic Con Flashion Statement and Aspire Eyewear sent me over some great gear to test 0ut!

Aspire Sunglass ColageAspire Eyewear sent me 4 pairs of sunglasses for me to test out while at SXSW and SV Comic Con. I had never heard of this brand before and was curious on how they differ from other brands. Aspire Eyewear glasses and sunglasses are 50 percent lighter than a typical plastic frame, 50 percent thinner than a typical plastic frame and 22 percent lighter than a typical titanium frame. Aspire Eyewear is created with SDN-4 (a nylon material proprietary to the brand) and 3D technology (reducing prototype development from 20 weeks to 60 minutes in most cases). Sunglasses Aspire

When I received and un-boxed the sunglasses I noticed how light they were immediately, in fact everyone that has had them on say the same thing. Since it was just me on ground zero for both events but 4 pair of sunglasses I decide to play a little game “Who will take a picture with me in the dark with Aspire Eyewear Sunglasses. If you can’t tell by the picture it wasn’t hard to get people to take a selfie with me. Throughout both SXSW and SV Comic Con I wore the Aspire Eyewear sunglasses and have fallen in love with this brand. If your interested in this brand or would like to purchase a pair click here

My other cool schwag I received was 2 LED T-shirts from Flashion Statement with lips and a heart that lights up at the sound of music. The Flashion Statement T-shirt  lights up by using a small, discrete battery pack to illuminate the heart design. The battery pack is attaches to a cord that connects to the LED design located on your chest. I does take 2 AAA batteries that are not included with the product.  The Flashion Statement ladies t-shirt it’s self is very fitted but so comfortable you can’t tell you have a battery pack attached to it. The LED light attract allot of attention which I think is great to use while promoting a product or company.

Flashion Staement groupDuring my journey to both SXSW and SV Comic Con I asked random strangers to take a selfie with me in my Flashion Statement T-Shirt. There was no shortage of people wanting to do a selfie and I even got a robot pose with me (though he was getting a little frisky)! That was fun at first it got boring real quick so I need something more bold and funny. I started asking random strangers sing to my chest so they could see the Flashion Statement T-shirt light up. One guy took it to the next level (see youtube below) and silenced the entire SV Comic Con showroom for a second. Even more hilarious the guy in the video asked his girlfriend first if he could sing into my boobs and she said YES, classic moment at SV Comic Con.

A huge thank you to Flashion Statement and Aspire Eyewear for providing me with these awesome products. It not only promoted both our sites but I it made me look like a cool geek at SXSW and SV Comic Con. What more could a girl ask for?

Valentine's Day Beauty Guide

HI tech chic Valentines Day

Happy early Valentine’s Day. After the launch of Hi-Tech Chic I have been getting allot more fun beauty products to test out. Some of these products I never even heard of till recently so I thought I would share the love with all my girls getting ready for their Valentine’s Day date.Frenchies

If you’re wanting to do an up-do for your Valentine’s date Frenchies Flocked French Hairpins are designed to keep your hairstyles, buns, extensions and wigs in place. The product comprises of a U shaped Frenchies hairpin flocked with a fiber coating, which creates a high-friction surface to help hold your hair in place. I will be doing an additional review about Frenchies once I get them in the mail.  Currently Frenchies go for $11.99 on their site per a set of 20 hair pins.Beglammed

Sometimes we ladies just don’t have time to haul our cookies to a salon but still have a big date. The beGlammed app may be your best bet! beGlammed is a on-demand beauty service that delivers professional hairstylists and makeup artists straight to your door. First you must get the app and sign up. Once you have done that just tap the app to book a personal beauty team that is on-demand and can come to your home, office, hotel, or any other location.Beglamed 2

The go-to mobile hair and makeup provider for everyone from working professionals, students, and busy mothers to brides, jetsetters, and celebrities. Also if you get the full glam makeup application it also includes complimentary lashes; perfect for that Smokey eye look for your Valentine’s Day date or any evening event. Rates start around $35.00 and go up depending on your look. So if you are in a jam and want to look glam get the beGlammed app.

Angel PurseThe V Chain Cross-Body is the perfect cross functional purse for your “casual dressy” and “night-out” outfits. I love purses that have removable straps or just cross functional in general. The V Chain Cross-Body has a removable gold chain and a magnetic button closure (crucial for those embarrassing drop your purse moments). The V Chain Cross-Body purse by Angela Roi also has a front flap ribbon logo embossed and one small inside pocket. The V Chain Cross-Body is available in Black, Red, Navy and Pink and is currently $82.00 on their site. If you purchase the pink purse each sale supports Breast Cancer fighters and if you purchase the RED purse each sale supports HIV/AIDS fighters. They are offering Free 3 day USPS Priority Mail Shipping on all items (no minimum and no special code needed).  I have not received a sample to review but hope to so I can give you all my feedback on the V Chain Cross-Body.

CandylipFor natural pouty lips Candy Lipz has a great lip plumper set for $54.99 or you can also just get the original lip plumper model at $40.99. I have already reviewed the Candy Lipz original plumper and it really works plus its natural (no lip fillers needed)! The only set back is if you have big lips cut the time in half or you will look like a freak of nature. They are both on sale on their site here and definitely check it out; after all you can’t end your date without a kiss on Valentine’s Day!

Snap PicLastly if you are like me and most of the country we are obsessed with selfies! To get your selfie on and have great pictures during your Valentine’s Day I suggest the Snap a Pic Stick. It’s small enough to fit in your purse and makes your selfies look way better. You can purchase the Snap a Pic Stick here for $8.99 and it fits most smart phones with a 3.5mm jack.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you all and stay tuned for more great reviews and event recaps throughout the year!

Techy Fashionista Gift Guide 2015

For some men it is easy to shop for their techy fashionista but most don’t because let’s face it techy fashionistas are fashion forward and both always change! As a courtesy to all the guys out there here is 5 cool presents to consider for your techy fashionista loved one!

StarwarsThe Star Wars movie The Force Awakens is coming out (like everyone in the planet doesn’t already know) and Covergirl has created an exclusive limited addition make-up line. The line consist of STAR WARS Colorlicious Lipstick, STAR WARS Super Sizer Mascara Light Side, STAR WARS Super Sizer Mascara Dark Side, and STAR WARS Outlast Nail Polish. This is the perfect gift if your fashionista likes Star Wars or you want to convince her to see it also a great stocking stuffer. All products can be bought on Covergirl’s site and each item is between $5.00- $7.00 dollars.

kareokeKaraoke is one of those hit or miss presents, people either love Karaoke or hate it. I’m pretty sure there is no middle line. If your fashionista loves Karaoke the new SmartTVoke by VocoPro is the perfect gift. It’s a professional vocal system and the world’s first Karaoke Mixer designed for Smart TV’s. Per VocoPro’s site if you own a smart TV, it likely has karaoke capability. It could be a dedicated karaoke app like Karaoke Channel™, or Red Karaoke™, or from thousands of karaoke tracks on YouTube. It comes with 2 wireless mics and the new DSP Mixer. I tried the SmartTVoke and channeled my inner Whitney Houston and Snoop Dogg (I love rap). The sound is amazing and the fact you can also use it as a stand-alone microphone system makes it awesome. It’s on sale for $150.00 and you can buy it on amazon here.

STM ToteFor the techy fashionista that has a tablet the STM Grace deluxe sleeve/ tote is fantastic. It’s small, colorful but not too colorful, and the inside has protective foam plus it’s very plush. The Grace’s main compartment can fit up to the 15 inch MacBook Pro and the front can carry a smartphone or any other small accessories. I tried it with my Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 I’m reviewing and it fit perfectly. Per their site the Grace collection honors U.S. Navy Admiral “Amazing” Grace Hopper who, from the 1940’s up until her retirement at 80 years old, helped develop the first programming language that revolutionized the computer world. Even more special my Abuelita was also named Grace and was a Chief Transportation Officer for her air force base. The STM Grace deluxe sleeve/ tote goes for $69.95 and you can order it here!

CandylipIt seems to be all about lips and booty’s these past couple years. Though I think my lips are an average size the people at CandyLipz asked me to try out their CandyLipz Black Licorice Lip Plumper for my fashionista gift guide. At first when I tried it I felt like I looked like Donatella Versace however after a week I was digging the plumper. Per their site a clinical trial showed that the lips stay plumped for up to 2 hours after each application. With continuous use of the lip plumper, the lips appear much fuller. According to the clinical trial, participant’s lip volume increased by 36% from their based-line lip size after 60 days of use twice daily for 2 minutes each time. By using CandyLipz, you can have fuller lips appearance all year round without the need to get lip injections. I say this is a great organic way to have fuller lips for the holiday parties and it’s on sale for $34.99 on their site!

Turn tableI always wanted to be a DJ or a Rapper which I would honestly fail at both however I am a bit retro and love records. If your techy fashionista is into turn tables and music the AT-LP60 Fully Automatic Belt-Drive Stereo Turntable is a great gift! It comes in silver (AT-LP60), blue (AT-LP60BL), red (AT-LP60RD), royal blue (AT-LP60BL), pink (AT-LP60PK) and black (AT-LP60BK) which I love, especially the pink! Per their site the AT-LP60 Fully Automatic Belt-Drive Stereo Turntable built-in switchable phono preamp, may be connected directly to your computer, home stereo, powered speakers and other components that have no dedicated turntable input. It’s currently $119.95 and to find a distributer click here.

I hope this helps you all out with your gift giving and a very Happy Holidays to all my techy fashionista fans! Cheers to 2016!


**All technical information and photos were either by product testing or directly from each respected site**

The beGlammed App Perfect for Fashionistas

IMG_2556I love the holidays especially all the fun cocktail parties but they can be stressful especially if you are hosting the party or attending a formal event. Never fear ladies, there is a new app that can help you get beautified for any of your holiday events.

Launched originally in Las Vegas, the celeb favorited beauty app beGlammed brings the industries top make-up artists and hairstylist’s right to your doorstep with the touch of a button at an affordable price (rates beginning at $65). That’s right ladies you didn’t misread that, they actually go to your front door step!

Created by business and beauty veteran Maile Pacheco, who has worked with A-listers such as Elton John, Celine Dion and Mariah Carey, Pacheco developed the app to help girls on-the-go who don’t have time to stop at the salon to get the VIP experience in the comfort of their own home, office, or hotel room. *beglamed

The beGlammed app is available for download at the Google Play or Apple app store. The app was pretty easy to install, it’s free and you can use your Facebook login to get started! Once I chose my city I was directed to the home page where you pick your glamour needs. beGlammed offers services ranging from makeup touch-ups, blow outs, up-do’s, group and bridal glam packages.

IMG_2563I haven’t booked an appointment yet just took a little tour of all the options you have with the beGlammed app. I think some of the cool features are that they come to you, you can book appoints for you and your friends (perfect for a b-day gift) and they service different cities which is great for those like me who travel allot for work.  Currently beGlammed is available in Austin, Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, NYC, Orange County, Phoenix, San Diego and San Francisco.

The beGlammed app is perfect for the holiday season or for those always on the go! I will definitely be trying this out during the holiday season.

*Information provided by Fingerprint Communications

Review: Logitech's "Play Collection" M325c Wireless Mouse

Logi MiceI have always been a Logitech girl since I had my first PC back in 1998. In fact I remember one company I worked for who used another brand so I brought in my own Logitech mouse. That didn’t fly well and co-workers were jealous of how cool my mouse was (for geeks it’s the little things in life that make us happy).

Logitech sent one of their newer mice the M325c from their “Play Collection” and it is very cool with its fun designs. My personal favorite design is the Ophelia Owl however I got a pretty one as well called Red Zigzag.Ophelia Owl

Ever have one of those days where you’re in mid-project and your wireless mice runs out of batteries and there is no replacements in site? Well Logitech is helping you with that problem since the M325c wireless mouse lasts up to 18 months. Not only did they resolve that issue this mouse can respond from up to 33ft away due to the Nano receiver.

The M325C also comes with Logitech Advanced Optical Tracking, a USB receiver and has Advanced 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity. It’s simple like every mouse from Logitech, just plug in the USB receiver and turn on the mouse.

If you’re interested in the Play Collection click here to see the different colors and also to shop for other great Logitech products. It currently runs for $29.99 and you can buy it on their site.

It’s time to make your desk pop and be the envy of all your co-workers with the designer Play Collection M325c Wireless mouse. I will also be testing the UE Roll, the K380 Multi-Device keyboard and the ConferenceCam Connect from Logitech in the next week or so. Stay tuned fans, it’s a Logitech party and it’s only just begun!

Note from Founder: Hi-tech chic is officially launched!

NIna profileWelcome to Hi-tech chic, a project I have been working on for a while. Hi-tech chic is a site that combines tech and fashion together in one place. The site will feature product reviews, press releases on up and coming consumer products, news, recaps of industry events and eventually gift guides (just in time for the holidays).

I am happy to announce as of today there are no pages under construction!!! Hi-tech chic is up and running, we even have ads! It still has minor tweaks since Hi-tech chic is new but for the most part the site is complete.

The last piece of the puzzle was the collage of pictures on the “about” page which was completed late last night. I went through over 1,000 pictures I took in the 6 years of writing for tech to make the perfect collage.  I hope it shows not only do I have fun but that I have a long history of writing, reviewing random products in tech and attending industry events.

My writing style for Hi-tech chic will be no different than cutegeek but includes a broader audience with adding fashion to the mix. I also have high hopes of building a team of geek fashionistas that would like to contribute and write for us as we continue to grow.

I would love for you all to take a tour of the site and let me know what you think. What we could improve on or what you like about it. You can send feedback to, @HiTechchic, on Facebook or on our “contact” page. Also follow us on twitter and Facebook for up to date posts or news.

Thank you for visiting Hi-tech chic!

Nina Ricci Pena, Founder and Head Writer of Hi-tech chic


IFAThose who are in Europe or in tech globally know this week is IFA in Berlin. IFA is the world’s leading trade show for consumer electronics and home appliances and takes place from September 4 to 9, 2015 in Berlin this year. All this week & next I will be receiving press releases on some of the newest and innovated products that are being showcased at IFA.

This is the first of many cool press releases I have received thus far and want to focus on the LIVALL Bling Helmet as I have never seen such a cool and efficient helmet! Bling Helmet

LIVALL will introduce the Bling Helmet, the world’s first smart cycling helmet, at the IFA Show tomorrow (9/4/2015)! The LIVALL Bling Helmet sends SOS Messages during emergencies, features 80 Built-in Smart LEDs with Turn Signals, Wind-cancelling Mic, 3-Axis Gravity Sensor, Cadence Sensor, Hi-Fi Bluetooth Speakers, Phone Holder, Remote Control, & Walkie-Talkie.

Livall Bling Helmet PhotoAt first I wondered how they could fit all of that in one helmet and it still look sexy. Let’s face it fashionistas we may bike but we want to look fly doing it so for us a clunky helmet is not a good look (and a bad hair day). Surprisingly it has a nice design and not much bigger than the average helmet. Now, I haven’t tried it on so I can’t vouch for the weight but I can imagine the creators of the Bling Helmet at LIVALL factored that in as well. If you would like to see it in action here is a great youtube of the LIVALL Bling Helmet:

Currently the LIVALL Bling Helment is on Indiegogo and already at 788% funded, raising over $157,562 at the time of this post. It’s not too late to get the early bird special as you still have 15 days to get a discounted Bling Helmet on Indiegogo for $100 (MSRP $277) that includes the Bling Helmet, Bling Jet and an additional Nano Cadence Sensor. They will be shipping in November.

Below is the full press release from IFA in Berlin including information on the 3 Smart Bikes LIVALL will be announcing tomorrow. They will be starting an Indiegogo campaign for them in November as well.

Berlin, Germany, September 3, 2015 – LIVALL announced today that they will introduce the Bling Helmet, the world’s first smart cycling helmet and three new smart bikes at the IFA Show tomorrow in Germany. For the first time, LIVALL will show the newBling Helmet, the cycling helmet that integrates communications, music, and smart lighting for the ultimate in safe biking at the LIVALL Booth, Hall 25, Stand 110-4 at IFA Berlin. Available now on Indiegogo with discounted pricing at and shipping in November, the Bling Helmet features built-in Hi-Fi Bluetooth speakers and a microphone, which enables cyclists to make and answer phone calls to safely stay connected on the road. To communicate during group riding, LIVALL also features a Walkie-Talkie function to make it easier for cycling teams to communicate with each other and also converts text messages to voice – no more yelling.  See press release with all features at:

LIVALL Bling Helmet Includes:

  • Bling Helmet:  provides fashionable aerodynamic protection while cycling.
  • LED Lighting System: illuminates the helmet with 80 LEDs and turning signals that safely replaces traditional hand signals.
  • Walkie-Talkie function: communicates with cycling teams during the ride.
  • Built-in Gravity Sensor: detects emergencies and activates emergency SOS calls.
  • Nano Cadence Sensor: measures speed, distance, calories, and more.
  • Battery Power Bank: charges phone.
  • Bling Jet Remote Control: easily installs on the bike’s handle bars to connect to phone and helmet.
  • Phone Holder:  securely snaps smartphone onto handle bars and charges the phone.
  • LIVALL Riding App: analyzes ride, measures cadence, speed, etc., takes photos and videos. Shares ride info on social media platforms.  App works with other wearables devices.
  • Use phone safely: makes/takes calls with wind-cancelling mic. Converts text messages to voice.
  • Hi-Fi Bluetooth speaker for hands-free music: listen to music safely while cycling.
  • 3 fashionable colors: Ferrari Red, Ocean Blue, Bumblee Yellow..

Indiegogo Campaign – 15 Days Left to Purchase LIVALL Bling Helmet at Discount    The LIVALL Bling Helmet is currently on Indiegogo at, where it is already 788% funded, having already raised over $157,562. The Bling Helmet will ship in November, with Indiegogo discounted pricing now available, normal pricing for the Bling Helmet & Bling Jet is $238, Nano Cadence Sensor is $39, and Phone Holder is $79. For more information, see the Indiegogo campaign at:, website:, and Video at:, Facebook:, Twitter:

New LIVALL Smart Bikes

In addition at IFA, LIVALL will show three new smart bikes going on Indiegogo in November. The LIVALL bikes series includes the MustangO2, AlpsO2, Grand Canyon O2, with O2 representing Oxygen.LIVALL Smart Bikes both


LIVALL (Shenzhen Qianhai LIVALL IOT technology Co., Ltd.) focuses on R&D, operations, marketing, and management of smart cycling equipment. On April 17, 2014, a group of executives from top internet companies who are also extreme sports fans and cycling enthusiasts, came together to establish Shenzhen Qianhai LIVALL IOT Technology Co., Ltd. (LIVALL). The LIVALL management team possesses an outside-the-box thinking style, rich operating experience, channel advantages, and professional knowledge, combined with a deep love for their craft, which enabled the team to develop rapidly.   Employing the joint effort of the whole team, LIVALL has successfully introduced a pioneering smart cycling helmet and other cycling equipment to VCs from renowned investment companies.  LIVALL’s products currently under development and production include the Bling Helmet, Bling Jet Remote Control, Phone Holder, and Nano Cadence Sensor. Based in Shenzhen and launching internationally, LIVALL aims to ensure the safety of cycling while making sure cyclists have an enjoyable experience that they love to share with others. For more information, see the website:

Review: Chic Sketch App

Chich Sketch sketch picMany people have asked where I got the sketches for the logo on Hi-Tech Chic. Well it’s not brain surgery to start. It’s a new awesome app called Chic Sketch that transforms a picture of yourself into a sleek and fashionable sketch. Emily Brickel, illustrator, is the talent behind the sketches for Chic Sketch as she creates a photo you submit into a beautiful sketch. cs starting

How do I get started you ask? First you need to download the app either from Google Play or the Apple Store and once installed you will see the little icon on your screen. Next log in using your facebook or instagram account and it will take you to the first page named “Public Gallery.” On this page you will see previous sketches that have been done and a little camera icon on the bottom.

When you click on the camera icon you are taken to the Snap a photo page. At this point you can either snap a picture or use a picture from your camera gallery. This is your selfie moment or finding that hot picture you have in your smartphone gallery. Once you have chosen a picture, the next screen is to confirm the picture.

CS getting startedAfter confirming your photo you are taken to the confirmation of terms page where it also informs you on the cost for the sketch which is currently $9.99 per each sketch. The next page shows you how your sketch could look (not using your photo but examples of previous sketches) and also where you accept  and confirm photo and terms of services. The final step is payment. Users have the option to check out or enter a promo code. After that it’s just a matter of entering your credit card or other method of payment and fully checking out! Users should also receive a confirmation email as well.

Pretty easy and I was VERY impressed with my sketches. Try Chic Sketch out and let me know what you think!

Special thanks to the following contributors: Emily Brickel from Chic Sketch (sketches for the header logo) and Lindsay Carlisle Photography (photographer of select portraits)

My 1st Review with Hi-Tech Chic: The myCharge Style Power Charger

good toteThis is my first post & product review of my own site called Hi-Tech chic. After 6 years of writing Cutegeek!!! Don’t worry I will still write for them.

I received the myCharge Style Power Charger a week or so. Though I featured it in my “Back to School” post on, I didn’t have enough time to do a full unboxing.

Then I first start un-boxing I had no idea what it was, sorry guys! The box was full of this crinkling paper strands with Glitter. OH Crap! I thought this is worse than foam peanuts. After I dug the product out it was a cute little tote. Curios to what’s was is in the tote, I opened it and inside it was the myCharge Style Power Charger with some extra goodies from my pals at myCharge.

BluthoothWhat I love about it and why it’s perfect for Hi-Tech chic is the stylish colors that normal portable chargers do not have. They come in these colors: Multi Color Brush strokes, Teal and Back designs. (No pink, yay!).

my charterThe brand new Style Power portable charger gives you 15 extra hours of power, Built-in USB port, and integrated USB recharge cable. It is very like unlike the clunky ones I have in the past!

My absolute favorite to me is the size as it fits in any purse at 0.16 LBs and Dimensions: 3.9 in x 0.9 in x 1.1 in. Though I have small a problem, that it’s the same size as my lip stick Taser, hope I don’t mix up myCharge Style Power Charger with that!

If you’re looking for a stylish geek portable charger ofthe 2000mAh myCharge Style Power Charger click here to purchase.

Thanks for reading my article and more to come fashionistas!!

*To follow High-Tech Chic here is our site and our Twitter handle: or me at @nrpena.



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