William Shatner to Host Star Trek 50th Anniversary Celebration At Inaugural Silicon Valley Comic Con 2016

Steve WozniakSteve Wozniak and friends present the Silicon Valley Comic Con 2016 in San Jose on March 18th-20th.  Silicon Valley Comic Con is a combination of Pop Culture and Technology that features top celebrities, comics, independent artists, cosplay, video games, consumer electronics, music and apps all under one roof. Continue Reading →

Note from Founder: Nomination for the Hi-tech Chic Woman of the month

NIna profileWe are excited to announce as of today we have a new page up and running on Hi-tech Chic called Woman of the month!!

This will allow fans to nominate who they think should be “Woman of the Month” that will be featured each month. To learn more about this initiative and to nominate who you think should be featured please visit the Woman of the Month page on our site.

We are currently looking for our first “Woman of the Month”  and need some nominations so please contact us on the Woman of the Month Page.

We look forward to featuring fabulous women making changes and differences in the world. It’s only just begun!


3 DAYS LEFT ON KICKSTARTER: Fabric of Humanity

FAB of HumThis morning after getting an email about The Fabric of Humanity I had to ask myself what’s the point of being a writer and reaching a broad audience without giving back to the community? I truly felt compelled to inform you all of this new way of fund raising and how you can help. The Fabric of Humanity has set out to change the way we view clothing by creating the wearable philanthropy concept. Currently it has 3 days left on it’s Kickstarter campaign and less than $1,000.00 to their goal.

What is wearable philanthropy?

The wearable philanthropy concept is the revolutionary way that The Fabric of Humanity is empowering not only the makers of their clothing, but their communities as well.

How does it work? Continue Reading →

National Spa Week 2015

National Spa Week

Either I have been missing out on National Spa Week for all these years or this is the first one thus far. National Spa week is on October 12th-18th and is a national event with participating spas across the country offering $50 treatments normally $100-$300. People have begun booking appointments as of September 9th so if you want to get your spa day on the time is now! Continue Reading →

New York Fashion Week for Free

NYFWIf you’re like me during New York fashion week, I window shop via livestream or am in constant pursuit of articles and pictures of that day’s show. Per my previous post on the 2015 New York Fashion Show you can view the livestream on New York Fashion Week Live and also the replays of days before but I yearned for more.

I normally go to WWD.com for pictures and a glimpse of what is going on during NYC Fashion week. Unfortunately you can only go so far without having a subscription which for a year is $149.00, OR you can try it for one month for free if you have a credit card.  Which means if you’re a teenager without credit or do not have a credit card in general you are at a stand still.

I began searching for more sites to get more information on free events, pictures and the fashion buzz of shows during NYC Fashion week and came up with this short list of sites that can let you celebrate fashionistas favorite week of the year for FREE! Continue Reading →

New York Fashion Week Tools & Livestreams

New York Fashion week has begun and I am excited about which fall trends are coming down the runway. If you’re in NYC, I have some links that will help you survive fashion week and for those not attending, there is also a link for live streaming show shows.* For those attending here is my survival guide. Continue Reading →

Hermes Apple Watch Collection 2015

Apple logo rainbow

Yesterday Apple announced a number of products but the one that I think all my fashionistas would like is the new Hermès Apple Watch OS2 that is available October 2015. Per my article on cutegeek.com the Apple Watch OS2 has new features and will be available September 16th. Besides it having facebook capabilities now it also has Time Travel to view future calendar entries using the digital crown and the Microsoft Translator app that will be able to replay a pinned translation through the Apple Watch’s speakers.

They also announced different colors for the watch and the watch band. The new Apple Watch will come in different colors; gold, rose gold, and iodized aluminum. When they introduced the Hermès Apple Watch I was glued to the screen because it made the Apple Watch not only classy but stylish with its hand-stitched leather band in three different styles.  Continue Reading →

Note from Founder: Hi-tech chic is officially launched!

NIna profileWelcome to Hi-tech chic, a project I have been working on for a while. Hi-tech chic is a site that combines tech and fashion together in one place. The site will feature product reviews, press releases on up and coming consumer products, news, recaps of industry events and eventually gift guides (just in time for the holidays).

I am happy to announce as of today there are no pages under construction!!! Hi-tech chic is up and running, we even have ads! It still has minor tweaks since Hi-tech chic is new but for the most part the site is complete.

The last piece of the puzzle was the collage of pictures on the “about” page which was completed late last night. I went through over 1,000 pictures I took in the 6 years of writing for tech to make the perfect collage.  I hope it shows not only do I have fun but that I have a long history of writing, reviewing random products in tech and attending industry events.

My writing style for Hi-tech chic will be no different than cutegeek but includes a broader audience with adding fashion to the mix. I also have high hopes of building a team of geek fashionistas that would like to contribute and write for us as we continue to grow.

I would love for you all to take a tour of the site and let me know what you think. What we could improve on or what you like about it. You can send feedback to nina@hi-techchic.com, @HiTechchic, on Facebook or on our “contact” page. Also follow us on twitter and Facebook for up to date posts or news.

Thank you for visiting Hi-tech chic!

Nina Ricci Pena, Founder and Head Writer of Hi-tech chic

Win Tickets to See Vivienne Tam at New York Fashion Week!

Viv TamI love fall and I absolutely love NYC fashion week. I sadly have only been once but have high goals of going next year and maybe with an entourage of Hi-Tech Chic writers and not just me!

This year Vivienne Tam per New York Fashion Week Live Vivienne Tam is giving one lucky winner (and a guest) tickets to her #SS16 #NYFW show on September 14th!

To enter, simply follow Vivienne Tam on Instagram (/viviennetam) and upload a photo of your favorite Vivienne Tam outfit with hashtag #VTNYFW.

Deadline to enter is 11:59PM EST September 7th. Winner will be chosen based on a combination of factors, including the quality and creativity of the photo (and caption) and the photo’s popularity (likes, comments, etc.)! Extra points to those who share this post on FB!*

To read more of the article on New York Fashion Week Live  and Vivienne Tam contest click here.

Good Luck to all that enter the contest!

*These are all direct quotes from the New York Fashion Week Live article


IFAThose who are in Europe or in tech globally know this week is IFA in Berlin. IFA is the world’s leading trade show for consumer electronics and home appliances and takes place from September 4 to 9, 2015 in Berlin this year. All this week & next I will be receiving press releases on some of the newest and innovated products that are being showcased at IFA.

This is the first of many cool press releases I have received thus far and want to focus on the LIVALL Bling Helmet as I have never seen such a cool and efficient helmet! Bling Helmet

LIVALL will introduce the Bling Helmet, the world’s first smart cycling helmet, at the IFA Show tomorrow (9/4/2015)! The LIVALL Bling Helmet sends SOS Messages during emergencies, features 80 Built-in Smart LEDs with Turn Signals, Wind-cancelling Mic, 3-Axis Gravity Sensor, Cadence Sensor, Hi-Fi Bluetooth Speakers, Phone Holder, Remote Control, & Walkie-Talkie.

Livall Bling Helmet PhotoAt first I wondered how they could fit all of that in one helmet and it still look sexy. Let’s face it fashionistas we may bike but we want to look fly doing it so for us a clunky helmet is not a good look (and a bad hair day). Surprisingly it has a nice design and not much bigger than the average helmet. Now, I haven’t tried it on so I can’t vouch for the weight but I can imagine the creators of the Bling Helmet at LIVALL factored that in as well. If you would like to see it in action here is a great youtube of the LIVALL Bling Helmet: Continue Reading →