ZVOX Launches AV100 AccuVoice “MINI” TV Speaker With Six Levels of Voice Boost at the Showstoppers Event

This week during the Showstoppers media event, ZVOX, an industry leader in dialogue clarification, announced the launch of the new compact AV100 AccuVoice TV Speaker. The latest ZVOX product to integrate AccuVoice, its proprietary hearing aid technology, the AV100 is designed to enhance the TV viewing experience of aging baby boomers suffering from mild hearing loss.

The six different levels of voice boost help users find the one that suits them best to understand the dialogue on their TV clearly and succinctly without increasing the volume. The compact design is ideal for use in bedrooms, home offices and smaller spaces.

Almost everyone has had the experience of watching a program or movie on TV and missing a word or a whole sentence. And, even worse, when we pause the show and go back – we find that our understanding fails to improve, even after repeated listenings.

ZVOX has been developing dialogue clarification speaker systems almost from its beginning in 2003.  Its dialogue clarification technology has gotten more sophisticated since it was patented in 2014 and is the most advanced currently available.

“When we developed AccuVoice to clarify dialogue, we never imagined the response we’ve received. The AV100 is the latest in our line of dialogue clarification products that provide enhanced and improved sound for baby boomers.,” noted ZVOX CEO Tom Hannaher. “The spectacular response we’ve gotten to these products makes it possible to offer the speaker at $99, making it even more accessible,” he added.

The ZVOX AV100 packs that technology into a small attractive package. Measuring a compact 10″w x 2.75″d x 2.5″h, the unobtrusive industrial-grade plastic cabinet houses two wide-range speakers and a passive radiator, as well as a 16-watt Class D amplifier. Weighing in at less than a pound, the speaker can be easily placed above or beneath a TV screen and even a tablet.

Other features of the ZVOX AV100 include built-in Dolby DigitalTM decoding; PhaseCue© virtual surround that gives 3D life to stereo sound; large button, easy-to-use remote control, versatile 3.5mm mini-jack input accepts either TOSLink or analog stereo connection.

The AV100 AccuVoice TV Speaker is available for $99 on zvox.com and hsn.com. ZVOX products are also sold on Amazon.com and Walmart.com.


Source: ZVOX, Showstoppers