youbody Launches First Waterless Body Wash with a Portion of Proceeds Going To

If you use a body wash have you ever asked yourself, what are the ingredients and what is the plastic bottle made of? Announced this week, youbody, the unisex body wash line, founded by product development expert Heather Fritzsche, launched the first-to-market waterless body wash system. Did you know that traditional body wash is made up of about 85% water and creates over a billion plastic bottles of body wash that end up in garbage and recycling streams each year? With that knowledge, Fritzsche set out to create an eco-friendly alternative that is premium, sustainable, customizable and charitable.

In addition to using less water, youbody packets are eco-friendly and break down into clean energy in 120 days and are also sulfate-free, sulfite-free, paraben-free, and hypoallergenic.

youbody’s Starter Kit, comes with a youbody pod™, and your choice of five powdered, scented Essences to customize your experience. The youbodypod is a patented design that allows the customer to mix their custom blend of body wash right in a dispensing tool that provides superior lather and exfoliation.

At the beginning of each week, mix 3 packs of youbody Essence together with water in your youbody pod™ and delight in your customizable wash that’s original and unique to you.

With currently eight scents to choose from including Awake, Balance, Calm, Clean, Escape, Play, Simple and Wander, featuring superfood ingredients such as Caribbean Ginger, Icelandic Kelp, Pomegranate Seed Oil and more, there are literally thousands of premium combinations to enjoy. After your Starter Kit runs out, youbody offers a subscription service with free shipping for monthly or bimonthly delivery.

“I’m a real believer that businesses have the responsibility to make the world a better place. I really think youbody can do that by helping people embrace who they are, without stereotypes, and protecting our rivers and oceans.” says Fritzsche.

Water stewardship and sustainability are core values of youbody and with that in mind, they donate 5% of their proceeds to which provides safe water to families worldwide. youbody’s waterless body wash system is available now at


Source: youbody, Michelle PR