Xesto Introduces Xesto Fit 3D Shoe Sizing App for Apple Devices

Xesto, a computer startup from Toronto, has launched Xesto Fit, the first and only 3D foot sizing app that uses Apple devices to recommend shoe sizes across 150 brands. Within a 1.5mm accuracy, consumers can scan themselves in the comfort of their own home using their iPhone FaceID camera. Users can share their size profiles with loved ones for gift purchasing with the tap of a button via iMessage.  

By using an Apple device, Xesto Fit reduces the environmental cost of e-commerce by sizing users accurately. Excess packaging, transportation and reverse logistics result in billions of pounds of landfill waste annually. This contributes to over 10 million metric tons of CO2 into the atmosphere.

The online footwear industry sees returns of approximately 40 per cent vs 8 per cent return rate in brick and mortar stores. Some brands dispose of up to 84 per cent of returned fashion items for reasons such as damaged packaging or minor cosmetic damage. Approximately 80 per cent of online returns are due to poor fit, making the lack of personalized sizing tools a leading sustainability problem in the fashion industry. Xesto Fit eliminates size uncertainty, thus reducing the environmental impact of e-commerce.

Xesto provides shoppers the opportunity to identify the perfect fit using their Apple devices, preventing “Buy, Try, Return”. The shopper takes four photos of each foot and in under a minute, Xesto creates 3D reconstructions of their feet. Xesto Fit allows shoppers to select their own size across 150 brands and growing, all free of charge. Existing foot sizing technologies are either in-store experiences or mobile apps that use outdated technology, relying on a reference object, such as a piece of paper or a credit card.

Shoppers can share their size profiles from the app with family and friends via iMessage for family or gift purchasing. Xesto’s sizing app can be accessed directly from the App Store.

The app is available in the App Store and via Xesto’s website. To download the app or learn more, please visit https://xesto.io


Source: Xesto