Woxer Launches Limited-Edition Pride X Mental Health Collection with Ellie Hopley

Woxer, the inclusive underwear brand, has collaborated with neurodivergent artist, Ellie Hopley, to launch its Pride X Mental Health Collection in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month and Pride Month. The limited-edition Wear Your Pride, Embrace Your Mind drop in May features two Pride favorites (Pride Black 4.0 and Pride Tie Dye), in addition to two all-new mental health-inspired prints (Jade Doodles, B&W Doodles). Available styles are offered in Baller, Star, Biker, Baller HW, Star HW, Boss, Icon, Bold, Classic, and Bikini.

Symbolic of LGBTQ+ allyship and mental health awareness, this is Woxer’s first artist collaboration. Woxer and Ellie share a commonality of focusing on inclusivity and positivity in their artistic ethos. As an LGBTQ-founded company, the new offerings further exemplify what the brand stands for – inclusivity, visibility, and representation. 

Woxer believes that mental health matters especially for the LGBTQ+ community is the focus on this theme for its latest Pride campaign. The artist’s doodled images represent the wanderings of the neurodivergent mind, with a spotlight on positivity over negativity. (see below)

  • The rainbow (pride + the sun shining after a storm)
  • A face speaking (speak up, speak your mind)
  • A basketball with “Try” written on it (shoot your shot; don’t give up before you’ve started)
  • A heart (spread love, not hate)
  • Flowers (self-growth, keep growing)
  • A smiley face (pursue happiness)

Woxer is breaking gender barriers by creating clothing options that promote self-confidence for non-binary and transitioning people. The brand explains that many members of its community struggle with gender dysphoria and feel seen and comfortable wearing Woxer. As the brand notes, “Wear your pride; embrace your mind.”

Pride Month is another opportunity for Woxer to offer the fan-favorite rainbow waistbands, but the celebration continues long after. What makes this brand authentic is how it represents the queer community year-round, with dress-to-impress gender-inclusive offerings and its commitment to regularly featuring LGBTQ+ and transitioning models.

To shop Woxer please visit: https://woxer.com/.


Source: Woxer