Vivere: The Vacation Search Engine With The Only Online Visual Experience That Guides Users Throughout the Booking Process

It’s the middle of summer and still time to plan a vacation before the last day of summer on September 21st, 2018. Most people use the most advertised travel search engines when planning their summer trip but they all seem to have similar travel options.

A unique travel site that offers more options and helps curate your vacation from start to finish is Vivere. Vivere is an online visual experience that accompanies travelers through every step of their travel journey by helping them to search, discover and book the destination that matches their interests. Their proprietary photographs and curated content makes Vivere the only travel platform which helps users to visualize and embrace the destinations before leaving for their trips.

Searching for destinations on the main page is pretty simple and updates the list of destinations when you use one of the below filters.

  • Traveler Type
  • Interest
  • Country
  • Continent
  • Month
  • Traveling From

Once your search pulls up it organizes the vacations via user match and also lists how many hours away from your departing city.

After you click on one of the vacation destinations it pulls up a short description, where to stay and options things to do while there. On this page, you can also request a quote for your future vacation.

Their VACATION INSPIRATIONS list, separate feature of the site than the vacation search engine, is broken up by all twelve months and continents like below.

Vivere also have them broken down by preference, IE: Best Overall Vacation for Couples in North America. The site breaks down the list even more by Best Luxury Vacation in December or Best Boat tour.

Their vacation destination list is massive and definitely something for everyone! If you’re looking for a vacation that is curated to your preferences I suggest checking out Vivere, you won’t be disappointed.

Castiadas Spiaggia Santa Giusta Peppino Rock

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Source: Vivere