Time to Register for a Comic-Con Member ID for 2019

The infamous Comic-Con International in San Diego starts today and unfortunately the attendee tickets are sold out. If you didn’t get a pass this year the Comic-Con site strongly encourages creating a Member ID for Comic-Con 2019. Creating a Comic-Con Member ID is free and available to all adults and juniors (ages 13 – 17) with a valid email address. A Comic-Con Member ID is required to purchase or register for badges for Comic-Con and WonderCon.

To get started you will need to follow this link https://secure2.comic-con.org/memberid/ and fill out the below form located under the “New Member ID” tab. 

Next you will need to confirm your email address located here: https://secure2.comic-con.org/memberid/confirm.php. You should receive an email with a code in order to confirm your membership.

After confirming your email, log onto the member’s login page located here: https://secure2.comic-con.org/memberid/login.php.

Your new Comic-Con Member ID will:

  • Get you added to their verified member email list
  • Have year-round official updates
  • Receive important registration announcements
  • Get emails from their registration partners regarding Comic-Con badge registration
  • Receive other information about attending Comic-Con affiliated conventions and events

The Comic-Con member ID is also required to apply or register as a volunteer, professional, trade professional, exhibitor main contact, or member of the press.

Please note If you created a new Member ID account today you are not eligible for Comic-Con 2018 Open Registration. Only Member ID accounts created prior to November 27 at 9:30 AM (PST) are eligible to participate. You will be eligible for Comic-Con 2019 Open Registration once you complete your account creation and email confirmation. Also, note that the Comic-Con Member ID system will close without notification prior to any badge sale.

I strongly suggest creating a member ID as soon as possible if you plan to attend Comic-Con 2019. No time like the present and it will ease your mind knowing you registered for Comic-Con 2019.

For more information about Comic-Con please visit: https://www.comic-con.org/.


Source: Comic-Con