URGONight Wins CES 2019 Innovation Awards in the Wearable Catagory

Today Consumer Technology Association (CTA)™ announced URGOTECH as a CES 2019 Innovation Award Honoree in the Wearable Technology category for their product URGONight. As stated in our previous article about the CES Innovation Awards we will be attending CES 2019 and will be able to see the URGONight first hand.

URGONight is the first non-invasive daytime brain training therapy for a better night’s sleep. URGONight’s non-invasive EEG headband connects to an app that trains the brain during daytime into developing healthy sleep brainwave patterns. As a natural, safe and non-invasive sleep aid the URGONight doesn’t broadcast, it measures.

How it works:

The URGONight EEG or Electroencephalogram therapy involves the completion of 20-minute exercises 3 times a week over a 3-month period. To be honest the headband seems to be a bit evasive but if Consumer Technology Association (CTA)™ says there are innovative we can’t very well argue.

These are customized brain-controlled exercises based on visual neurofeedback; therefore, by visualizing his/her progress in real time, the user learns how to produce the brainwaves that will sustainably enhance his/her natural sleep. Using URGONight requires a short training program for sustainable results that can be done during the day without the hassle of setting up equipment for bedtime.

URGONight was developed with neuroscientists and sleep exerts after 4 years of research and development. URGOTECH’s URGONight will be on display in the Innovation Awards Showcase at the upcoming CES 2019. For more information about URGONight please visit: https://urgonight.com/.

The complete list of CES 2019 Innovation Honorees, including product descriptions and photos, can be found at CES.tech/Innovation. Registration for CES 2019 is open and please visit CES.tech for more information. To read our previous article on the CES Innovation Award Honorees please visit: https://www.hi-techchic.com/innovation-award-honorees-announced-for-ces-2019/.


Source: CES, URGONight