Unboxing and Product Review: WonderCube Type C Smartphone Charger

For anyone on the go or who travels allot it’s imperative to have a smartphone charger with you at all times. The problem nowadays is more chargers have long cords and the plug outlet can be bulky. Introducing WonderCube, the world’s smallest smartphone charger that miniaturizes 8 mobile essentials into a super portable 1-cubic-inch keyring. It’s small enough to fit on your finger tip! The WonderCube can unfold in 8 ways for charging, syncing, phone stand, emergency power boost, flash memory, and more.

Below are the full WonderCube product details:

  • Materials: Polycarbonate, Aluminum, ABS
  • Measurements: 1″L x 1″W x 1″H
  • Warranty: Manufacturer’s 1 Year
  • Dual Connectors: Type C + MicroUSB Connectors
  • No Tangled Cable: Built-In 3 Inches Foldout Flexible Cord. Neatly Folded In A 1-Inch-Cube.
  • Charge & Sync: Support High Speed Charging With USB Outlet.
  • Flash Drive: Featured A Card Reader Supports Up To 128GB Micro-SD Memory Transfer.
  • Phone Stand: Micro-Suction Plate. Attach To Smartphone For Portrait & Landscape Viewing Angle Adjustment.
  • Emergency Charger: Power Boost Smartphone For Up To 2-3 Hrs Additional Talk Time With A 9V Battery Cell.
  • LED Torch
  • Metal Keyring Included
  • Colors: Black

Unboxing Of the WonderCube Type C for Androids:

The box for the WonderCube Type C smartphone charger comes with the WonderCube, a built in 2 in 1 Cable, Micro-SD Reader, OTG Flash Drive, LED torch, phone stand, key ring and adapter from micro USB to USB type C.

When you open the box you will first see an easy quick guide to the left of all the WonderCube can do and to the right a little window preview of the cube. Once you start to fully unbox the WonderCube you will see the cube, the key ring and attached to the box magnetically is another box with the adapter that converts it from micro USB to USB type C.

After unboxing I started testing all it’s 8 functions by first I pulling out the 2 in 1 micro USB cable. What makes it a 2 in 1 function is with the adapter you can easily convert the cable to USB type C.

Next I pulled Micro SD card reader that also functions as a micro USB. If you add a micro SD card it also makes it a flash drive. The reader supports up to 128GB memory transfer.

To directly charge your device using the micro USB via AC USB outlet just plug it directly into the port.  To use it as a micro USB to charge your phone via your pc just plug it directly into your PC’s USB port.

It has an LED Torch that doubles as a phone stand. Basically pull off the top cover from the LED portion of the cube and underneath is a sticky surface that you attach directly to your phone.

The WonderCube has an emergency charging port for a 9V battery cell to give you up to 3 hours of a charge (if the battery is full). Note you have to pull out the micro USB port to fit the battery in the 9v battery charging port.

Review of WonderCube Type C:

First, I’m sure there are even more features of this cube I have yet to discover but the features I did test out was all a positive experience. As you can see I tested it out using every function of the WonderCube with different devices throughout my unboxing. My favorite function/feature of the WonderCube is the micro SD card reader/ micro USB cable since that is what I would use on a daily basis. The only very minor drawback I found during the unboxing and review is the phone stand does leave a very slight sticky residue. Nothing to detour you from purchasing it since that is a minor problem.

The WonderCube is lightweight to fit into our backpack or keyring and for $45.00 it’s a great buy for those needing a multifunction smartphone charging device.

The WonderCube models are available in iOS and Android. If you would like to purchase the WonderCube for $45.00 please visit: https://www.indiegogo.com/products/wondercube-pro-mobile-essentials-in-1-cubic-inch. It’s also available on Amazon for $59.99, click here to shop for it amazon instead. To learn more about the WonderCube please visit: http://www.thewondercube.com/.


Source: WonderCube