Turkish Airlines Takes Fashion to the Sky’s with Versace and Ettore Bilotta

Flying internationally in style, comfort and with travel-sized luxury products can be complicated especially on multi-leg trips. Turkish Airlines, the national flag carrier of Turkey now offers new travel kits specially designed by Versace, one of the leading representatives of the fashion world, and Mandarina Duck, specializing in travel products. As of July, Turkish Airlines started to welcome its business class passengers on intercontinental flights with the elegant and sophisticated designs of Versace sets.

The Versace kits include socks, earplugs, sleep mask, warning stickers, Versace lip balm, hand lotion, facial mist and hairpin (in women’s sets only) in order to meet passenger’ needs and comfort in this respect during their long flights.

The men’s version is slightly different and is stowed away on a black case. As part of the deal, they will also provide travel-size Colgate toothpaste tubes as well.

Turkish Airlines has also partnered with Milan-based Haute Couturier Ettore Bilotta to create the dynamic new uniform design that will bring a new era and brand identity for the national flag-carrier.

The new uniforms were specially sewn by Vakko, and the main fabrics were produced by Altınyıldız, based on the compliance of Turkish Airlines with flight standards. Designed in flag-red and anthracite gray colors, the new uniforms were rigorously tested on long-range flights in different climates, have been tailored to 25,000 employees for cabin crews to serve passengers comfortably.

Inspired by many classic elements of Turkish design and culture, the new uniforms incorporate traditional patterns found in artisanal glassware, ceramics, and calligraphy with contemporary textures and details. The collection combines shapes and colors found in Istanbul Bosphorus with a new ‘flow detail,’ created to symbolize the effortless and dynamic energy flowing through Turkey’s most dynamic city as an intersection between East and West.

To read the full press release from Turkish Airlines please visit: https://www.turkishairlines.com/en-int/news-press-release/index.html?p=1. To learn more about Versace please visit: https://www.versace.com/us/en-us/home/. For more information about Mandarina Duck please visit: http://www.mandarinaduck.com/en-US. To learn more about Ettore Bilotta please visit: https://www.ettorebilotta.com/en/.


Source: Turkish Airlines, Versace, Mandarina Duck, Ettore Bilotta