The Worlds Most Expensive Jacket Unveiled to Cardi B at Peter Marco Beverly Hills

On Sunday we watched the Hollywood elite show off their designer gowns and suits for the Oscars, but there wasn’t a sole wearing the “world’s most expensive jacket” on the red carpet. Why you may ask and the answer is simple; its ten million dollars! Unlike jewelry that you can return to the owners after the Oscars unharmed apparel is a different story. Imagine if someone spilt something on your ten million dollar jacket, not good.

Self-made businessman, fashion designer and philanthropist Farrah Gray just debuted a diamond-jeweled jacket valued at ten million dollars. Recently launched at Peter Marco Beverly Hills, the jacket contains more than 460 diamond carats and viewed during the launch by multi-platinum recording artist Cardi B for the private unveiling.

The jacket is NOW available at Peter Marco’s Extraordinary Jewels, 252 North Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, CA. Designed and created by award-winning fashion designer Farrah Gray it is constructed of 100% black python leather and features a silk interior lining.

“Sewn together with 99% GIA certified diamonds by Peter Marco, it is truly a one-of-a-kind art installation and jacket for the fashion extraordinaire with ten million dollars to spare!” says Gray.

Gray continues, “The jacket can be worn by the opulent man or woman who yearns for quality, taste and extravagant, stunning works of art when rubbing shoulders with their elite colleagues. It sets a new world record and a new standard of high couture fashion and wearable art.”

A percentage of the proceeds will go to several charitable organizations chosen by the purchaser. It is available now, exclusively at Peter Marco Beverly Hills. For more information, visit or follow Farrah Gray and Peter Marco on Instagram at and To visit Peter Marco’s store or site please visit for more information.

I personally can say though the jacket is more of a piece of art rather than just a jacket I would be nervous having a ten million dollar jacket in my possession. Something tells me I’d either ruin it or lose it and this is NOT the jacket for that. We are all curious at Hi-Tech Chic who will be the proud owner of the most expensive jacket in the world. Maybe Kylie Jenner? We shall see!


Source: Peter Marco, Farrah Gray