The Ruby Cup: Helping Young Women in Kenya

Ruby Cup has a 2017 initiative to distribute over 31,000 Ruby Cups to young women in Kenya and other impoverished countries by the end of year. Amazingly 16,000 Ruby Cups have already been distributed through the company’s “Buy 1 – Give 1” program, and 15,000 are awaiting shipment. I personally was unaware how many young women miss school due to their periods and the lack of education about their periods, the female anatomy, reproductive health, and hygiene in Kenya and impoverished countries.

The Ruby Cup founders focus for 2017 is to educate school girls in Kenya about their periods, the female anatomy, reproductive health, hygiene, and how to use a menstrual cup. When I received the email from Ruby Cup about the Kenya project this quote not only stood out but speaks volumes about the lack of education of the menstruation cycle they currently have in Kenya and other impoverished countries.

“My first day when I started my menstruation period I used rags because my father did not afford to buy me a pad.  I didn’t have anyone to afford to buy for me because my mother had already been dead. I felt ashamed of myself. I stayed for a week at home because I thought it was not normal.” – Annet

Heart breaking isn’t it?

As part of the Kenya initiative Ruby Cup staff will carefully assesses the locations of where the cups are distributed, and being that water is a basic neccessity for cleaning the cups, they are not distributed in areas without it.  Bacteria transferred via the hands is one of the greatest causes for spreading communicable diseases in developing countries, so having access to water is required.

What is the Ruby Cup?

The cups are made of medical grade silicone, the healthiest menstrual product material on the market, developed with Coloplast, a Danish company that is a global pioneer in intimate health care products.  Cups are re-usable for up to 10 years,  making it a very eco-friendly and cost-saving menstrual product.

How can I help?

Every time you buy a Ruby Cup, you donate another one to a school girl in East Africa. A Ruby Cup helps her stay in school and relieves her from the monthly stress of not being able to afford pads and having to make do with rags and toilet paper.

To view the Ruby Cup video regarding Kenya click here and for more information or to purchase a Ruby Cup click here.

About: Julie Weigaard-Kjaer
Co-Founder and CEO of Ruby Life ltd., the company behind Ruby Cup – a sustainable menstrual hygiene solution for girls and women worldwide has a broad background with several years of experience in business administration, supplier management, financial planning, and social entrepreneurship for both private and public companies.

Julie has a Bachelor Degree in Business, Languages, and Culture and Master courses in Supply Chain Management with minor studies in Sustainable Business at the Copenhagen Business School. I have also studied in Argentina and worked as a trainee for the Trade Commission of Denmark in Barcelona. On the volunteering side, she has worked as a mentor for small start-ups focused on the immigrant youth in Denmark and is currently a member of PWN (Professional Women’s Network).

Source: Ruby Cup