The LUXNow App: The Newest Way to Book High-End Rentals Like a Celebrity

We live in an interesting time where, thanks to social media and reality shows, viewers are now privy on how celebrities vacation and live. LUXnow is introducing a secure, convenient, peer-to-peer platform allowing members and partners to share high-end assets with other members. LUXnow’s current curated inventory boasts an impressive selection of exotic cars, luxury homes, and yachts for users to indulge their luxury appetite.

Services for the platform include:

  • On-demand booking luxury cars, homes and yachts
  • Secure payment method
  • Geo-location services to pull up availability in the area
  • Verified members and user profiles
  • Messaging system for owners and renters
  • Peer reviews and rating system
  • Push notifications for great deals in the area
  • Partners can track earnings via the platform

How LUXnow Works:

First you must set up an account after you download the app or you can also set it up online here: After that below is the LUXnow renter experience.

01. Booking

Booking a luxury rental from their app is very easy. Begin by viewing starting price in the app and decide on what you want, when you want it with a push of a button. If approved, a LUXnow agent will contact you shortly to assist you. Their agent will be there to help you for the remainder of your rental to make sure you get to enjoy the LUXnow lifestyle to its fullest.

02. On The Day Of

Check in with your agent to make sure everything is running smoothly and then just show up for your rental at the agreed upon location. For all extra requests please make sure to tell your agent as far in advance as possible to make sure they can make those requests possible for you.

03. On Location

If you are picking up a luxury car or entering one of our Mansion, Villa, or condo please make sure to do a full inspection of the vehicle or location and take photos of anything out of the ordinary you might find.

04. Safety

LUXnow will never force you into a situation that you do not feel comfortable in. Send photos of any concerns to you LUXnow agent right away right when you see it. Theri agents are there to resolve any stressful situations that might arise.

05. During The Rental

If anything happens, they strongly recommend you to contact a LUXnow representative right away. That is the only way they can access the situation and fairly assist in immediating the situation as quickly and cleanly as possible.

06. On Return

On the day of return or check out of your luxury rental please be sure to contact the owner of the rental ahead of time for meet up/drop off instructions and time. Please give it ample time so both parties can plan accordingly. Keep in mind that rentals are based off a 24-hour rental timer so please be precise about your drop off. Any extra time or late drop off could result in another 24-hour rental if you have not cleared it up with the owner and the LUXnow agent ahead of time.

LUXnow is currently open in the South Florida market. Rapid growth projections have the company set to expand into 15 major cities and international locations by 2020.

Download the LUXnow app and select your city of interest and dates to browse the inventory of your dreams. Visit and sign up for an account.


Source: LUXnow